Colorado History Ingrid and Solomon

  • Ancient Puebloans

    Ancient Puebloans
    Ancient Puebloans Oh my gosh! There is a village build on the side of the mountain. In Mesa Verde, 1200 B.C. to A.D. 1300 the Ancient Puebloans impacted in Colorado. To begin, they created tools like baskets made by skilled basket makers that know allot about sowing. Also, they used the baskets to collect seeds, berries, nuts, fruits and tolerate heat. They put a sheet to carry water in it and created spears and a knife to hunt for food they need to eat. Next, they traded other tribes by trading th
  • Utes

    Have you ever heard of the Ute’s? South Western parts of Colorado the Ute’s impact Colorado. To begin, they traded whatever they can trade so they can’t starve. They traded other tribes for horses if they need any of them. They also traded their own children for horses because if in the old times there was no cars and people had to walk barefoot at least they had horses to ride on. Also, they traded stuff for weapons to kill animals so the people can eat. They also traded jewelry for horses and