Colonists Starving for Independence -Sydney Herrig

  • The Albany Plan

    The Albany Plan was for common defence and for a federal union. A group of people met in Albany, New York to debate federal union. That plan didn't go through, but it showed that the colonies were thinking about joining togather for common defence.
  • French and Indian War

    Because of the French and Indian War, England was broke so that they had to get money somehow. They choose to tax the colonies, and that was called the Stamp Act. (Feburary 10, 1763 was when the Treaty of Paris was concluded.)
  • The Stamp Act

    England made the Colonist pay an expensive tax. They put expensive tax on stamps and all of the letters and important documents that they sent.
  • The Quartering Act

    England made the colonies provide barracks and supplies to the British troops.
  • Stamp Act Congress

    Most of the Colonies sent representatives to New York, to oppose the British rule.
  • The Townshend Act

    It gave the British officers the right to search your home, and to arrest smugglers.
  • The Boston Tea Party

    A bunch of colonist dressed as indians and attacked ships. They dumped all of the tea in to the Boston Harbor. They were mad, because England put a tax on tea. Britain also passed the Tea Act saying that the British East India could ship tea to the colonies without paying tax for the tea.
  • The First Continental Congress

    The First Continental Congress meet in Philadelphia, and they demanded that King George give back the rights of the colonists.
  • Common Sence

    Thomas Paine wrote the pamphlet called “Common Sense”. The pamphlet said that the colonies wanted full independence from Britain. Then later that year more than half of the delegates agreed with Paine that the colonies must break away from Britain.
  • The Decloration of Independence

    Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, it was a list of complaints of what King George did wrong. Also, declaring the colonies independence from Britain. Then on July 4th was when the document was signed.
  • Revolutionary War

    The first little battle was in 1775. Then the colonist thirst for independence grew throughout the years and then the battle grew bigger and bigger. Then it finally ended in 1783.