Colonies Rebel

  • Navigation Acts

    Navigation Acts
    Only English ships, including ships of colonies, be used for trade within the British empire.
  • Proclaimation of 1763

    Proclaimation of 1763
    Declared that no colonial settlement could be established west of the Appalachian Mountains.
  • Sugar Act

    Sugar Act
    Imposed a tax on all sugar imported into the American colonies.
  • Stamp Act

    Stamp Act
    Imposed a tax on the colonies. Required tax on use of stamps on all legal documents, newspapers, etc.
  • Stamp Act Congress

    Stamp Act Congress
    The delegates prepared a declaration of rights and grevances against the new British actions, which was sent to King George III. This action marked the first time that a majority of the colonies joined together to oppose British law. British Parliament repealed the Stamp Act.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    Colonists protested the taxes by a boycott, refusing to purchase English goods.
  • First Continental Congress

    First Continental Congress
    They dcided that the colonies should send a petition to King George III to explain their grevances. Other resolutions were passed to continue the boycott of British goods and to require that each colony start an army.
  • Coercive Acts

    Coercive Acts
    Closed the harbor and placed the government of Boston under direct British control.
  • Lexington and Concord

    Lexington and Concord
    Redcoats fought with colonial Minutemen, in Lex. and Con.
  • Second Continental Congress

    Second Continental Congress
    Immediately assumed the powers of a central government. One of it's main actions was to establish an army.
  • Resolution of Independence

    Resolution of Independence
    Richard Henry Lee came up with it. It was not a legally binding document. Although one of the first step to legitimacy.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    Thomas Jefferson was assisted by John Adams and Benjamin Franklin in this, although they made few changes.