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Colonies Rebel

  • Navigation Acts

    Navigation Acts
    Restrictions placed on colonial activity. Such as the condition that only English ships could be used for trade within the British Empire.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Proclamation of 1763
    Declared that no colonial settlement could be set up west of the Appalachian Mountains.
  • Sugar Act

    Sugar Act
    This act imposed a tax on all sudar imported to the American Colonies.
  • Stamp Act

    Stamp Act
    Required the use of tax stamps on all legal documents, newspapers, pamphlets, abd playing cards and certain business agreements.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    Colonists dressed as Mohawk indians and dumped 350 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor as a gesture of tax protest.
  • Coercive Acts

    Coercive Acts
    Closed the harbo and placed the goverment of Boston under direct Brittish control.
  • Lexington and Concord

    Lexington and Concord
    The first battles of the American Revolution. The Battle of Concord was later noted as "the shot heard around the world".
  • Second Continental Congress

    Second Continental Congress
    Delagates that gathered in Pennslyvania. The Congress Immediatly assummed the powers of a central goverment. Its main actions were to establish a army.
  • First Continental Congress

    First Continental Congress
    Representatives from all of the colonies exclusing Georgia that were sent to Philadelphia to hold a congress. They decided to send a petition to the King, to boycott british goods, and require every colony to start an army.
  • Resolution of Independance

    Resolution of Independance
    A non legal document that declared our independance from Britian. It was one of the First steps to establish the legitamacy.