colonial time

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    Colonial Time

  • John Smith

    John Smith
    Helped establish the first permanent English settlement, met pocahontas when she helped save his life from her fathers warriors. John Smith is considered a strong example of courage and leadership to many kids today, for the strength it took to sail across the ocean as the Admiral.
  • Samuel de champlain

    Samuel de champlain
    established settlement in Quebec. Discovering Lake Champlain in the process. this is a good tourists spot today and without him we may not have the same relations with Canada as we do today.
  • Matoax

    More commonly known as pocahontas was a indian of the Tsenacommacah alliance. Her name was changed to pocahontas around the english to protect her from harm. then known as Rebeca Rolfe after marrying John Rolfe, she traveled back to England and became famous. Now known still as Pocahontas became "A Princess" to people know knowing that around 50% of the world reconize her or her name, she has created a role model for many young girls around the world and inspired many musical creations.
  • Henery hudson

    Henery hudson
    Henery hudson explored the hudson river, the hudson straight and Hudson bay. which were all named after him for his discoveries. this gives us important transporting routes and a great tourists attration spots today.
  • Samoset and squanto

    Samoset and squanto
    Samoset met the pilgrams on march 16, 1621 to create a friiendship between his Wamponoag tribe and the settlers 2 days later he brought Squanto with him who spoke english more fluently then samoset and created a relation and trade between the 2 groups. Without them there probably would not have been a 1rst Thanksgiving and there could have even been a war between the groups causeing many people who exist today to never have been born.
  • King James

    King James
    canceled the company charter and made Jamestown the first royal colony in America. This created the Idea of of somewhat United goverenment like we have today.
  • Peter Miuit

    Peter Miuit
    Govener of new Amsterdam. Traded 60 Dutch guilers in goods like cloth and tools in exchange for the island owned buy new Netherlands. This introduced the selling of property and retailty like we do today.
  • Cecil Calvert

    Cecil Calvert
    Was the 1st Proprietary Governor of Maryland he also was an english colonizer. His father was the 1st Lord Baltimore. He established Maryland and was Catholic. He wanted to continue the legacy of his father. He brought the Catholic with him but continued the religion bringing it further into Americas history into today, bur he also agreed and fought for religous freedom for others. Like today we have religous freedom and speech.
  • William Penn

    William Penn
    Was the founder of the Province of Pennsylvania. He was also a philosopher and a real estate entupenuer. he was a quaker. Helped create democracy and religioius freedom in America. We still have a Democracy as our government today.
  • Judith Sargent Murray

    Judith Sargent Murray
    Judith was the first Women to sugget and fight for womens right to get an education. She believed a women should have the same chance at schooling as a man would. Though not entirely successful she created a topic that was argued over for many years and has since changed laws and is why girls are at school today.