colonial history

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  • 1780

    Cause: King George III sends the first group of convicts to New Holland to found the first colony at Sydney Cove. They assumed that the aboriginals did not own the land and would step aside.
    Effect: Aboriginal people are no longer the only inhabitants. The French were stopped from colonising Australia. We inherited English religion, laws and values.
  • 1790

    Cause: The second Fleet also known as the “Death Fleet” arrives with enough supplies to end the famine. The lady Juliana, a ship that has 226 female convicts arrive with the first supplies for the colonial settlement. The famine strikes and nearly a quarter of the people die.Effect: Many lives were lost because of the famine happening in the colonies during the 1790’s. The colonies are starting to take away the native plants and animals for the Eora people to get their medicines and food to surv
  • 1800

    Cause: Catholic convicts were not allowed to practise their religions. In the colony the men outnumber the ladies at about 20 to 1
    The population of the land were mostly men so more people could increase the land of the settlement in New South Wales.
  • caroline chisholm

    caroline chisholm
    Caroline was born on the 30th of May 1808.
  • 1810

    Cause: In 1810 there were now about 12,000 white people in the colony of New South Wales.
    Effect: The amount of English people increased throughout the land of New South Wales colony.
  • 1820

    Cause: in 1820 the white people put lots
    of pressure on the Eora people. The black war happening in Van Diemen’s Land.
    Effect: More and more Eora people were lost and the white people
    overtook the indigenous people
  • 1830

    Cause: The Van Diemen’s Land people had failed the attempt of herding the rest of the indigenous people.
    Effect: The aboriginals have been not able to speak to the white
    people to understand
  • 1840

    Cause: In this time rocks were great export industry that had fuelled the rise of the squattocracy-wool-collapses nearly completely.
    Effect: Rocks were very good for industries such as the squattocracy-wool-collapses the rocks provided a good amount of fuel.
  • caroline chishlom

    caroline chishlom
    Married Archibald Chisholm a soldier in the British East India Company. Caroline became a roman catholic like her husband, Archibald agreed to support her work helping others.
  • caroline chishlom

    caroline chishlom
    Her job was to help female immigrants and their families in the colony of New South Wales she sheltered and found them employment.
  • caroline chishlom

    caroline chishlom
    In 1842 Caroline publishes female immigrants it was the first Australian book by a lady. Governor George Gipps gave Caroline a rundown building, she cleaned it and started a Female Immigrants Hostel. She sheltered up to 96 women she also trained them to become servants.
  • 1850

    Cause: Gold has been found. Gold has strike to help pull Australians colonies and the whole world celebrating.
    Effect: Australian colonies have found gold and the whole world
    is celebrating for the find of gold!!!
  • 1860

    Cause: White people explored for the first time across the Australian continent, but some explorers did not make it back. But John McDouall Stuart reached the northern coast and just returned.
    Effect: explorers died but some such as John McDouall Stuart made the trip back to home.
  • 1870

    Cause: Ned Kelly is an outlaw and is threatening small scale farmers and is going through really bad things in the area.
    Effect: Ned Kelly is a complete outlaw in Australia and is threatening people in the land. Now everyone knows who Ned is and what he was doing.
  • caroline's death

    caroline's death
    Poor Caroline died in England on the 25th of March 1877 she did this job as a religion not for money.
  • 1880

    Cause: The children of the boomers are now getting married and are building their own homes on suburban blocks. As long as the economic boom lasts the workers are getting more money and buying their own homes. The aboriginals are suffering and the freedom they had many years ago have been lost.
    Effect: The economic boom had caused a lot of aboriginals suffering from the los o their freedom.
  • 1890-1901

    Cause: Hundreds and thousands of people were needed to leave from the eastern colonies to see their fortunes in the Kalgoorlie goldfields in Western Australia. In the 1900’s more than 103 people died from the bubonic plague in Sydney. On the 17th of September Queen Victoria proclaims the commonwealth of Australia.
    Effect: lots of people now live in Western Australia because they needed to see their fortunes at Kalgoorlie, in 1900’s bubonic plague became a very bad sickness.