Colonial America Important Events

By twhite1
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    Colonial America

  • Starting the first colonie:Roanoke

    Starting the first colonie:Roanoke
    The lost colonie
  • The first perminant colonie:Jamestown

    The first perminant colonie:Jamestown
    This colonie was the first perminant colonie. It was saved by tobacco.
  • Tobacco is planted in North America

    Tobacco is planted in North America
    The First time Tobacco wqas planted
  • Small pox break out

    Small pox break out
    Smallpox spread through NorthAmerica.
  • Slave trade begins

    Slave trade begins
    Slaves are used to harvest tobacco.
  • Mayflower Compact is written

    Mayflower Compact is written
    The pilgrams write there own laws.
  • Maryland prohibits growing tobacco.

    Maryland prohibits growing tobacco.
    Due to alot of tobacco on the market.
  • Salem witch trial

    Salem witch trial
    The salem witch trial takes place.
  • Final colonie is founded

    Final colonie is founded
    All of the origanal 13 colonies are founded.
  • French and Indian war

    French and Indian war
    .A war in witch Great Britan faught France.