College History

  • Oct 12, 1492

    Columbus Landed

    Columbus landed in the Bahamas
  • Jun 7, 1494

    Treaty Of Tordesillas

    Treaty Of Tordesillas between Spain and Portugal
  • Jan 1, 1513

    Balboa claims land for Spain

    Balboa claims all lands touched by the Pacific Ocean for Spain.
  • Sep 6, 1513

    Ponce de Leon

    Ponce de Leon explores Flordia
  • Sep 6, 1522


    Magellans fleet circumnavigates the world
  • Sep 6, 1524


    Verrazano explores eastern seaboard of north america
  • Sep 6, 1532


    Pizarro crushes the incas
  • Jan 1, 1542

    De Soto

    De Soto explores the Southeast and discovers the Mississippi River.
  • Sep 7, 1558

    Queen Elizabeth I

    Elizabeth I becomes queen of England
  • Sep 7, 1565

    St. Augustine

    the Spanish build a fort at St. Augustine
  • Sep 7, 1577


    Drake Circumnavigates the world
  • England defeats Spain

    England defeats the spanish armada
  • James I

    James I becomes the king of england
  • Spain and England

    Spain and England sign peace treaty
  • New Mexico

    the Spanish form New Mexico
  • John Rolfe

    Rolfe perfects tobacco culture in Virginia
  • Anglo-Powhatan

    Second Anglo-Powhatan War
  • Charles II

    Charles II restores the throne
  • North Carolina

    North Carolina formally separates from South Carolina
  • Slave Revolt

    New York slave revolt
  • Georgia

    Georgia colony founded by James Edward Oglethorpe
  • Johnathon Edwards

    Johnathon Edwards begins the Great Awakening
  • Free-Press

    Zenger free-press trail in New York
  • George Whitefield

    George Whitefield spreads the Great Awakening
  • Jenkin's Ear

    The war of Jenkin's Ear was started
  • KIng George's War Started

    King George's war (War of Austrian Succession) started
  • Princeton

    Princeton College was founded
  • King George's War

    King George's war (War of Austrian Succession) ended
  • Washington battles French

    Washington battles French on the frontier
  • Seven Years War started

    The French and Indian War was started
  • Braddock

    General Braddock's defeat to the French
  • Pitt

    Pitt emerges as the leader of the British government
  • Quebec

    The battle of Quebec was fought between the English and the French
  • Anti-Slave

    Britain vetoes South Carolina anti-slave trade measures
  • Seven Years war ended

    The French and Indian War was ended
  • Peace of Paris

    Peace of Paris ending the French and Indian War
  • Poniac's Uprising

  • Paxton Boys

    Paxton Boys march on Philadelphia
  • Rutgers

    Rutgers college founded
  • american colonization society

    american colonization society is formed
  • missouri

    Missouri Compromise
  • Vessey

    vessey slave rebellion
  • liberia

    The Republic od Liberia is formed
  • Walker

    Publishes "appeal to the colored citizens of the world"
  • Nat Turner

    Slave rebellion in virginia
  • liberator

    Garrison publishes the liberator
  • Britian

    Abolishes slavery in the west indies
  • AASS

    American anti-slavery society formed
  • Abolitionist students

    abolitionist students expelledfrom Lane Theological Seminary
  • post

    Post offices order destruction of abolitionist mail
  • Gag Resolution

    house of representatives passes the gag resolution
  • canada

    canadian rebellion
  • lovejoy

    mob kills lovejoy in illnois
  • Weld

    Weld Publishes "american slavery as it is."
  • tyler

    Harrison dies and tyler take presidency
  • aroostoock

    aroostook war went over the maine state boundry
  • polk

    polk defeats clay in manifest destiny election
  • Texas

    united states annexes texas
  • Nebraska

    The Nebraska bill was presented to senate with the new modifications made by Douglass.
  • meixo

    dispute over the texas mexico boundry
  • Fremont

    Fremont conques california
  • Period: to

    Mexican War

    Mexicar War
  • Treaty

    Treaty of guadalupe
  • New York times

    The New York Times was founded on September 18, 1851, by journalist and politician Henry Jarvis Raymond,
  • Glasden purchase

    Present day southen arizona was purchased from mexico to accomadate the new railway.
  • clay

    Henry Clay's deathe causes the fall of the whig party.
  • four stroke engine

    The four stroke or otto cycle engine was patented.
  • Fredrick Douglass

    Fredrick Douglass Publishes his Autobiography My Bondage and My Freedom.