Cold War Timeline

Timeline created by Roye B
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  • Period: to

    Yalta Conference

  • Victory in Europe Day

  • Period: to

    Postdam Conference

  • Japanese Surrender

    Announced on August 15, signed on September 2.
  • Iron Curtain Speech

  • Truman Doctrine

    President Henry S. Truman announced that USA will give political, military, and economic assistance to democratic countries that are being threatened by another force (Communism).
  • Marshal Plan

    This was an initialive to help European countries after World War II, with the United States sending $13 billion dollars to repair war-ridden countries in Europe.
  • Period: to

    Berlin Blockade/Airlift

  • Comecon Created

  • NATO Established

    North Atlantic Treaty Organization (all members of this organization will assist each other when a war breaks out).
  • China Becomes Communist

  • Domino Theory

    A theory in the early 1950's that stated that if one country were to become communist, then all the countries around it will too in a domino effect.
  • Period: to

    Korean War

  • KGB Established

  • Vietnam Divided

  • Warsaw Pact Established

    Warsaw Pact was a NATO-like pact that was a defense treaty amongst the communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe in the Cold War.
  • Period: to

    Vietnam War

  • Period: to

    Suez Crisis

  • Sputnik

    The first satellite launched into space. It was launched by the Soviet Union.
  • Fidel Castro Takes Over Cuba

  • Nicaraguan Invasion

  • U2 Spy Plane Shot Down

  • First Man in Space

    Yuri Gagarin, hailing from the Soviet Union, was the first man to go to space.
  • Period: to

    Bay of Pigs

    The failed American invasion of Cuba.
  • First American in Space (Alan Spepard)

  • Berlin Wall Built

    The Berlin Wall was the wall that divided East and West Berlin from 1961-1989.
  • Period: to

    Cuban Missile Crisis

    A meeting between America and the Soviet Union discussing the Soviet ballistic missiles deployed in Cuba. Was the closest the Cold War got to becoming nuclear.
  • Period: to

    Gulf of Tolkin Incident/Resolution

  • Period: to

    Six-Day War

  • Tet Offensive

  • Apollo 11 Lands on the Moon

    USA sends a spacecraft to the moon and wins the Space Race against the USSR.
  • Period: to

    Yom Kippur War

  • Period: to

    Iranian Hostage Crisis

  • Glasnost and Perestroika

    Translation: openness and restructuring. Gorbachev introduced big changes economically and internationally.
  • Period: to

    Iran-Contra Affair

  • Tiananmen Square

  • Poland Becomes Independent

  • Hungary Becomes Independent

  • Germany Reunites

  • Mikhail Gorbachev Takes Office

  • Berlin Wall Falls

    Signified a start of German Unification and the start of the end of the Cold War.
  • Warsaw Pact Ends

  • Boris Yeltsin Elected President of Russia

  • USSR Dissolved

  • Communist Governments in Czechoslovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria Fall