Cold War Timeline

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    Cold War Timeline

  • HUAC

    It was to stop and find communists. This was a big deal back than because of all the communist problems. Communists were just not accepted at all anymore. It was important because it was getting rid of communists.
  • End of WWII

    This was when we fought Japan, the German Nazis, and Italy. We used 2 atomic bombs on Japan in this war. That is really what ended the war, but it took a lot of money to do so. The reason this war was so important was because of all the lives it took, the money, depression, the Pearl Harbor bombing, and the Jews. We finally saved the Jews, had victory over Japan, and finally ended all of it.
  • Yalta Conference

    This is when a meeting was held for the postwar world. People feared nuclear weapons would come into play. So people began to prepar for if it does happen. United States, USSR, and Great Britatin had a meeting to discuss it, and what they would do. It's important because we would really need a plan if nuclear weapons were used. That's why people also had built nuclear shelters, with tons of food and water in them.
  • Potsdam Conference

    Where Yalta Conference agreements were clarified. Also idea to split Germany into 4 parts came about. This was also to clairfy that there would be no more Nazis and such. This was important because this is exactly what we fought Germany for to get, so we can't let it happen again. Also because the rules needed to be clarified to make sure no disagreements came about.
  • United Nations

    International organization to help with things. It set to keep peace and security. It also was to develop friendly relationships among countries. This was important because the United States had quite a lot of enemies, and this can easily lead to another costly war.
  • Baby Boom

    Soldiers came home from World War II finally. Now all of them are ready to start a family, which they did. So now since all these babies are being made, it was called the Baby Boom. During this time population had increased more than ever. This was important because it greatly increased the economy.
  • Truman Doctrine

    Harry Truman made a very dramatic speech. He asks for assistance to stop the spread of communism in countries. United States would provide military assistance for people who were. This was also the official declaration of the Cold War, as Soviet Union obviously wouldn't approve. It's important because it began a major war. (Cold War)
  • Marshall Plan

    George C. Marshall gave a speech at Harvard University. It was a plan to rebuld economy in western Europe. This became the Marshall Plan. It was important because it was so democratic could keep thriving in countries, and communism wouldn't take over.
  • Hollywood Ten

    10 Hollywood industry members said that HUAC was bad, and wrong of their tactics. Investigation began, and the HUAC was not guilty. The 10 Hollywood members ended up serving jail time. This was important because HUAC was helping rid of communists, which is a big deal at the time.
  • Red Scare

    In the Cold War, communists became a big deal. So all the communists in United States started to scare people. It than became known as the Red scare. It was important because of all the problems it could have caused. Mainly it could turn United States communism.
  • NATO

    Untied States and other countries formed the NATO. This was all non-communists to stop any invasion from the Warsaw PACT. If they did, everyone would than help to keep the invasion out and stop the communists. This was important because it was another step to trying to rid of communism.
  • Korean War

    75,000 soldiers enetered the 38th parallel. This was the first attack in the Cold War. The American troops had entered Korea on their behalf. It was important because it was a fight against communism.
  • McCarthyism

    McCarthysim is so people can practice accusing with evidence. This was majorly towards communism. This happened because so many people were accused, when they weren't communists. This was very important because it started to cool down all the communist accusings.
  • Rosenbergs Trial

    A couple, who were communist spies, were finally caught. They had been giving information to the Soviet Union about the atomic bomb. Now clearly this is bad so the Rosenbergs were sent to trial, and excecuted. It's important because if the Soviet Union produced an atomic bomb, they would most likely use it on us.
  • Nuclear Arms Race

    This is where the race for nuclear weapons began. America stocked up on many nuclear weapons, as well as the Soviet Union. This made the entire world extremely dangerous. People believed that if it happened it would be the end of the world. It's imprtant because how dangerous nuclear weapons are, what they can do to people and the world itself.
  • Warsaw PACT

    Soviet Union and 7 other counties formed the Warsaw PACT. It was to keep non-communism out. If any non-communism invaded, they would all help each other to keep them out. This was important because United States strongly tries to rid of communism, and this greatly influences it.