Cold War Timeline

  • Padlock Law

    Padlock Law
    -In 1937 the Padlock Law was introduced to protect the province from Communism
    -It was Premier Maurice Duplessis who introduced it
    -Maurice Duplessis and his party the Union Nationale were obbsessed with stopping Communism
    -It gave the Police the power to shutdown any meeting that they suspected of promoting Communism
    -It also gave the Attorney General power to destroy printed material that was promoting Communism
  • Gouzenko Affair

    Gouzenko Affair
    -Igor Gouzenko was a Russian spy who defected to Canada in 1945
    -He gave the government information about other Russian spys in return for protection
    -Out of the 39 spys he exposed 18 were arrested and he showed that the Soviets were creating there own atomic bomb
    -Known as the sart of the cold war
    -Whenever he was in public he wore a bag over his head to protect his identity
  • Period: to


  • Berlin Blockade

    Berlin Blockade
    -After WW2 Germany was split into two, West and East Germany, the West controled by the US, UK, France and the East controled by the USSR
    - was also split up East and West however Berlin was within East Germany
    -In 1948 East Germany tried to take back West Berlin by setting up a blockade, not allowing supplies to go in
  • NATO

    -North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    -NATO is a Military Alliance formed in 1949 by 12 nations
    -It was formed to protect themselves from the Soviets spreading Communism
  • End of Berlin Blockade

    End of Berlin Blockade
    The Allies ended the blockade by sending in supplies by using air drops, this meant that they would drop supplies from a plane
  • Start of Korean War

    Start of Korean War
    -After WW2 Korea was split into two, North and South Korea
    -The North was Communist supported by China and Russia while the South was a democracy supported by the US and the rest of the UN
    -On June 25 1950 the North suppported by China invaded the South
  • Korean War

    Korean War
    -Soon after the North invaded, the US sent troops to help the South
    -Not long after the UN security council called on all UN members to help protect South Korea
    -Canada was one of 16 countries to send troops
  • End of Korean War

    -The UN forces were able to push back the Communist oout of the South
    -On July 27 1953 an armistice was signed by both factions
  • Warsaw Pact

    Warsaw Pact
    -In 1955 eight Communist Nations formed the Warsaw Pact
    -It was a military Alliance formed in retaliation to NATO being formed
  • Vietnam War and Draft Dogers

     Vietnam War and Draft Dogers
    -Vietnam was split into two parts North and South
    -The north supported by the Communist and the South supported by the US
    -The North invaded the south to unify the country as a Communist nation
    -The US internened to stop the spread of Communism
    -The war was fought using gureilla tactics by the Communist ---while the South and US relied on air support and bigger fire power
    -Thousands of Americans moved to Canada to avoid getting
    drafted these were called draft dogers
  • Suez Canal Crisis

    Suez Canal Crisis
    -Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal thus taking it from the French and British who had previously controled it
    -The French and British are angry and get Israel to invade Egypt so the French and Britsih can act as peacekeepers and take back control of the Canal
    -Lester B. Pearson finds a solution and the French, British and Israelis are forced out
    -Lester B. Pearson recieves the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with the crisis
  • Bomarc missles and nuclear warheads in Canada

    Bomarc missles and nuclear warheads in Canada
    -In 1957 Diefenbaker accepted that Nuclear Missles whould be deployed in Canada, however the public was unaware
    -In 1960 the public found out and this spraked a controversy of wheather weapons of mass destructio should be in Canada
    -In 1963 Diefenbaker was forced to call an election becasue of this controversy
    -Pearson won becasue he promised Canada would uphold their promise to having the Missles
  • Sputnik

    -The USSR launched Sputnik, the first Satellite to orbit Earth
    -It caused great fear in the US because many though the USSR would bomb them from space
    -The Americans attempt to launch a satellite ended in disaster when it blew up on live television
    -Then Sputnik 3 was luanched which was big enough to carry an atomic bomb which scared the US even more
  • DEW line

    DEW line
    • Distance Early Warning Line -The dew line was a line of radar in the Canadaian and American Artic -It was meant to detect Russian bombers -Soon after it was built it became useless becasue of the invetion of ICBMs

    -North American Aero Defense Command
    -It was put together in 1958
    -It is a joint Organization between Canada and the US
    -It provides Aerospace defense and warning for the North American air space
    -It was made as a way for both countries to defend themselves from a Soviet attack
  • Avro Arrow

    Avro Arrow
    -The Avro Arrow was a fighter jet that was originaly to be bought by Canada from the US
    -PM John Diefenbaker cancelled it in 1959 becasue it was getting to expensive and many people thought that it would be quickly outdated
  • start of Cuban Missle Crisis

    start of Cuban Missle Crisis
    -when Cuba became a Communist country the US tried and failed to overthrow the government
    -In 1962 Nikita Khrushchev proposed that the Soviet Union put nuclear weapons in Cuba to disourage any further attacks on Cuba
  • Cuban Missle Crisis

    Cuban Missle Crisis
    -On October 14 the Missles were spotted by American planes
    -For 14 days the US and the USSR argued about the missles
    -The Americans didn't want nuclear weapons so close to them
    -The Cubans wanted to stop the Americans from trying to invade again
    -The Soviets wanted West Berlin and the missles in Turkey and Italy to be removed
  • End of Cuban Missle Crisis

    End of Cuban Missle Crisis
    -It ended when the Soviets agreed to remove the missles and the -Americans agreed to remove their missles from Turkey and Italy
    -The Americans also agreed they would not invade Cuba without being provoked
  • Canada-Soviet Hockey Series

    Canada-Soviet Hockey Series
    -Canada and the USSR played an 8 game hocey series --between the two countries to see who was the best
    -The Soviets were surprisingly good and won the first game 7-3
    -The Soviets won three of the first games and many people thought the Soviets would win
    -The Canadians ended up winning when Paul Henderson scored the game winning goal
    -The series was played during the height of the cold war so it was seen as a Democracy vs Communism
  • Americans leave Vietnam

    Americans leave Vietnam
    The Majority of the public did not appove of the Americans in Vietnam and eventualy the government agreed to leave
    However some troops remained till the end to help train the South
  • End of Vietnam War

    Not long after the AAmericans left the North finaly took over the whole country
  • Fall of the Berlin Wall

    Fall of the Berlin Wall
    -When large amounts of East Germans started to emigrating to West Berlin they out a wall to divide Berlin
    -In 1989 when major political reform was happening in the
    -Eastern Bloc East Germany allowed travel to West Berlin
    In 1990 the wall was officaly destroyed by consruction equipment
    -This led to the renunifaction of Germany on October 3 1999
  • Canadas space program

    The Canadian Space Agency was founded in 1989
    Mark Garneau was the first Canadian in space
    Roberta Bondar was the first Canadian women in space in 1992
  • Fall of the Soviet Union

    Fall of the Soviet Union
    -The dissolution of the Soviet Union had been happening for years and was formaly dissolved on December 26 1991
    =When Mikhail Gorbachev came to power in 1985 he knew the only way to get the Soviets economy back on track was through major political change
    -Slowly the once mighty Eastern Bloc started to fall apart
    IT broke into 15 different Idependant Republics and formed the CIS (Commonwealth of Idependant States)