cold war time line

By nick532
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    cold war time line

  • HUAC

    people who investigated the works of unamerican activity such as communism and blacklisted those suspected to be communist
  • Yalta conference

    a conference between Churchhill Stalon and Roosevelt to decide what will happen to germany after the war ended
  • potsdam conference

    The potsdam conference was when the leaders of the U.S., U.K., Soviet Union gathered in Potsdam, Germany and discussed the future of Germany because WWII had ended
  • End of WWII

    This event marked the end of the second world war which took the lives of millions, tore apart Europe, and obliterated Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • Creation of the U.N.

    the UN was a formation of many countries htat came together and intended on obtaining world peace
  • baby boom

    the baby boom was when Americas economy grew and expanded.
    Its population grew along with the amount of jobs and money
  • The Marshall Plan

    The Marshall Plan was a plan that involved the US to help any European country that had been destroyed because of the war
  • The Truman Doctrine

    a policy that America would follow of containment of communism and stop the spread of it
  • The Red Scare

    the Red Scare is when everyone became afraid of communism and the Soviet Union and began hating them
  • Hollywood Ten

  • Creation of NATO

    North Atlantic treaty Organization also known as NATO was formed to end unpeaceful disputes and if diplomatic efforts failed
    then their military would have the powere to end the dispute
  • McCarthyism

    McCarthyism is when McCarthy abused his power and indiscriminatly accused people for being communists
  • The Korean War

    the Korean War was kind of an extension of the cold war. a fight between capitalism and communism. It was the first hot war between Capitalism and communism as the US tried to keep South Korea safe and uncommunist and China was pushing North Korea to take over the south and make the whole country communist
  • The Rosenbergs Trial

    The FBI tracked down spies and came to the Rosenbergs. The rosenbergs were accused as spies and executed for handleing and giving information to soviet agents on the Manhatten progect
  • Formation of the warsaw pact

    the Warsaw pact allowed Russia to take command of the armed forces in Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary Czechoslovakia, Albania, and Romania and agreed that if any country of the warsaw pact was being attacked then the countrys who agreed to it will go in aid for them.