Cold War

  • Soviet espionage discovered

  • United Nations Commission (November)

    US, Britain, Canada. Imposed rules for controlling the atomic bombs
  • Conference of foreign ministers at Moscow

    Soviets agreed to the establishment of the United Nations Atomic Energy Commision
  • Yalta Conference

    Stalin Roosevelt and Churchill
  • Decided that France would be a part of the security council

  • Decided that France would be a part of the security council

  • Period: to

    Paris peace treaties with Italy and minor axis powers

  • Roosevelt dies and is replaced with Harry Truman

  • Soviets' troops gain control over Britain

  • Hitler commits suicide in Berlin

  • Germany Surrenders

  • First atomic bomb testing

  • Potsdam conference

  • Churchill is replaced with Clement Attlee as british prime minister

  • Atomic bomb of US to Hiroshima

  • Atomic bomb of US to Nagasaki

  • Japan surrenders

  • Second World War ends

  • Security council of united nations achieved soviet withdrawal of iran

  • Conference of foreign ministers

  • Soviets put political and military pressure on turkey and iran

  • london conference of foreign ministers

  • Period: to

    Us policy in japan

    Japans government and economy were transfofrmed into a liberal capitalist democracy
  • Churchill iron curtain

  • creation of bizonia

  • formation of soviet bloc

  • marshals offer

  • Cominform established by the ussr

  • Period: to

    moscow conference of foreign ministers

  • britain informed the us that the financial and military aid to turkey and would ceaseiran

  • truman doctrine

  • New london conference of foreign ministers

  • yugoslav-soviet split

  • us congress aproved a programme for 5 billion. Marshall plan aid

  • Brussels pact

  • Period: to

    Berlin airlift

  • comecon founded

  • cominform and peace movement

  • North atlantic treaty organization

  • Establoshment of federal republic of germany

  • succsesful test of atomic bomb by ussr

  • chinese revolution

  • german democratic republic established

  • sino- soviet pact

  • korean war

  • pleven plan

  • treaty of peace with japan

  • european defenxse community treaty

  • eisenhower elected as US president

  • stalin dies

  • korean armistice