End of the cold war

Cold War

  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

  • Period: to

    Cold war

  • Lenin dies, Dawes Plan

  • Wall street crash

  • Neutrality Act

  • Munich conference

  • Hitler invaded Poland

  • Attack on Pearl Harbour, Siege of Leningrad, Eden-Stalin meeting

  • Meeting in Tehran

  • Percentages agreement

  • Roosevelt dies and is replaced by Harry S.Truman, end of WWII, Yalta Conference, Potsdam meeting, Truman-Molotov meeting, first testing of the A-bomb for US, Hiroshima

    Stalins armies are demobilised in Eastern Europe from 11 million - 2 million - 1948
  • Long Telegram, Iron Curtain, Moscow conference

  • Truman doctrine, Marshall Aid, National Security Act, Cominform set up

    Every state in Eastern Europe was controlled by communist government (except Czechoslovakia)
  • Czech Crisis, beginning of the Berlin Blockade

  • Comecon was set up, Airlift to Belin from the West, NATO set up, USSR developed A-bomb, Communist takeover of China, Berlin Blockade ended

    Only time Mao and Stalin had a face to face meeting in Moscow
  • Defensive Perimeter strategy (Dean Acheson), NSC-68 issed by Security council, Koren War began, Battle of Inchon, Sino-Soviet treaty of friendship

  • Eisenhower came to power, East Germany uprising, signing of Armistice: Korean war, Stalin dies

    Eisenhower replaced Truman
  • Geneva conference, Taiwan Straites crisis

  • Warsaw Pact, Austrian State Treaty, Geneva Summit

    Both sides in possesion of H-bomb
  • Khruschev's Secret Speech, Hungarian Uprising

    Withdrawal of Soviet troops in London?
  • Gaither Report, Sputnik was launched

  • Second Taiwan Straites Crisis, Beginning of the Great Leap Forward

    GLF ends in 1960
  • Khruschev visits the US

    For 13 days
  • USSR withdrew economic advisors from China, 1st submarine-launched ballistic missile (US)

    end of Great Leap Forward
  • Construction of the Berlin Wall, Bay of Pigs invasion, SU were first country to put man in space

    Kennedy's Presidency
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

  • 'Hot Line' telephone link established, Test Ban Treaty

    End of Kennedy's Presidency, replaced by Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Khrsuchev is dismissed

  • Urban riots in US

    Factor of Detente
  • Ussuri River dispute, Willy Brandt becomes chancellor, end of Johnson's Presidency

    Beginning of Nixon's Presidency
  • Non-Aggression Pact signed with USSR

  • Basic Treaty (end of Hallstein doctrine), SALT 1

  • Kissinger become Secretary of State

    This was under Nixon's presidency
  • SALT II - until 1980, end of Nixon's Presidency

  • Helsinki Accords

  • Jimmy Carter becomes President until 1781

  • China recognised as Communist state, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, end of detente

    President Jimmy Carter states that as of January 1, 1979, the United States will formally recognize the communist People's Republic of China (PRC) and sever relations with Taiwan
  • Ronald Reagan elected for President

    1981 - 89