cold war

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    Cold War


    July 15 1918 to the collapes of hyper-inflation in mid-1920s. Mass rounds up and deports of foreign born citizens. expulion of duly-elerion offcalial from various offices govement. the reason why the red scare is important is because. the red sare it came to the wake of the ww1 and bolshevik revolution
  • rosenbergs

    they got killed because they were amerian communists so bak then if you were a communists you were killed. that is what happened to the rosenberge.the reason the rosenberge was so important is because. the rosenberg was killed because of the communstis because if they.Were in are time they would have never killed them.
  • yalta conference

    it was held in the crimea on february 4-11 1945 brought togeter the big three. stain, churhill, and roosevelt discussed Europes post war reorganization.the main purpose of the yalta was the re-establihment of the nation conquered and destoryed by germany. the reason why the yalta conference delt with the re- establishment. of the nation of the worn-torn Europe fowing world war 2
  • creation of the U.N.

    coined by united states president frankllin D.roosevelt, was first used in the declared by the u.n.of the 1january 1942, during the second world war when represent actives of 26 nations. the reason why the creation of the u.n. is because. they were trying to get peace.
  • potsdam conference

    meeting(jjuly 17-aug.2,1945) of the prinical allies world war 2(the u.s., the ussr and great britian)to clarify and implement.previously reached at the yalta conference. the chief repressent acties were president truman, premies stain, prime minister churhill and after churhills defect in the british election. the reason why the potsdam was so important is because. they were changing relations between the super powers.
  • end of world war 2

    it ended by the dropping of the bombs on japan during august 1945.we was involved in the last battle against the japanesse on. the island of okinawa located only 300 miles from japan. the end of ww2 was important because the atomis bomb ended the war. they were going against hiroshima on august 6 , 1945.
  • the beginnig of the baby boom

    young males returning of the U.S.,canada, and. australia following tours of duty overseas during ww begain. families wich brought about a lot of new babys. the reason why the baby was so important is because. it brought new poeple to live.

    Presindent Harry S.Truman establish that the U.Swould provide political. maillitary/ and economic assistance to tall democratatice. under the threat from external or in talauthoritarian forces.the reason why the truman doctine important because .It sought to contain the spread os commism.
  • the truman doctrine

    president harry s. truman establish that the u.s. would provide political. maillary and econonic assistance to all democratatice nations. under the threat from external or tal authittan forces. the reason why the truman doctine is so important because. it sought to contain the spread of commism.
  • the marshall plan

    as the worn-torn nation of europe faed famine and econic crisis in the wake of world war 2. thethe u.s. proposed to rebuild the continent in the interst. and that the marshall was a peae prize. the reason why the marshall planwas so important because. that an area nerrer recovered from world war 2.
  • hollywood ten

    starting in 1947 the House Committee on Un-
    American Activities (HUAC)pursued a series of
    official inquiries into the penetration of the film
    industry in Hollywood by the Communist Party
    of the United States of America. There were major
    public hearings in 1947 and 1951 and smaller
    hearings throughout the mid-1950s. In the course of
    these inquiries dozens of 'friendly' Hollywood witnesses
    denounced hundreds of people as secret
    members of the Communist Party while dozens of unfriendly witnesse
  • formation of nato

    after ww2 the u.s. and the u.s.s.r. occupied much of Eorpe. most the contitnent goverement had fallen to the nazis during the war. so the two super powers were left with the responitablity of the setting up new goverment. the reason why the formation of nato was so important is because they found a ravil alliance that is all.
  • mccarthyism

    when jjosephh mccarthy come out with speech sayinng he had a list of 205 names and he was so important was because of the the people all had on is list
  • formation of the warsaw pact

    in april 1985 the general secretaries of the communist and workers parties of the soviet union, bulgoriz czechoslovalia. the germany domocatine replis east germany , hungray poland and romain gathered in warsaw to sigh potocal. extending in effective

    term of the 1955 treatly on friendship. the reason why the formation of the warsaw pact is because. all i know was that was the a maitary allince between a whole lot of people
  • HUAC

    it is investive possible subversive actives by fasits nazis of the communstism. they wanted to aspect amercans lives.the reason why it was so imortant of the HUAC is because. alot of people died in the HUAC.