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Cold War

  • Marshall Plan

    Marshall Plan
    A plan for the U.S. to rebuild Western European countries after WWII. It sent billions of dollars in aid to rebuild western Europe. The goal was for Western Europe to choose democracy over communism.
  • Yalta Conference

    Yalta Conference
    The Big Three Churchill (Great Britain), President Roosevet (USA), & Stalin (Soviet) at the end of World War II agreed that Stalin would join the fight against Japan to end World War II along as the United States & Great Britain allowed the Soviet Union to control Eastern Europe after the War. The Soviet Union agreed to allow free elections in Eastern Europe. This would establish the division in Europe between the United States (Western Europe) & the Soviet Union (Eastern Europe) that would be
  • Truman Doctrine

    Truman Doctrine
    President truman, of the U.S., outlined a policy of resiting Soviet expansion around the world. The Truman Doctrine would guide the U.S for decades. Truman sent military and economic aid to Greece & Turkey so that they could withsatnd communist threat.
  • Berlin Airlift

    Berlin Airlift
    In 1948, The Soviet Union tried to force the Western Allies out of Berlin by sealing off every railroad & highway into the Western sectors of the coty. The Western Powers responded by forming its own military alliance. The Soviet Union & Seven satellites in Eastern Europe formed the Warsaw Pact.
  • NATO Pact

    NATO Pact
    The U.S., Canada, & nine other countries formed a new military alliance.
  • Warsaw Pact

    Warsaw Pact
    The Soviet Union responded by forming its own military alliance. The Soviet Union & seven satellites in Eastern Eurpoe formed the Warsaw Pact.