Coca Cola Timeline

  • The Begining

    John Pemberton, a pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia, invented coca cola for just curiosity. He stirred up a fragrant, caramel-colored liquid and it was done, he carried it to few doors. Later, he combined with carbonated water, and all agree that the drink was something special and put it at sale for 5 cents a glass. He named it Coca Cola and a year he sell 9 glasses per day and years later produces 10 billion gallons of syrup. Sadly, he died in 1888 and did not see that the beverages a success.
  • Free Coupons

    Free drinks coupons are distributed to encourage people to try Coca Cola.
  • Advertising

    Coca Cola first uses calendars and outside posters for advertising.
  • Expansion of Coca Cola

    Asa G. Candler, a born saleman, transformed coca cola from an invention into a business. He finds brilliant ideas to make people know Coca Cola and give away free coupons to people to introduced the beverage. by 1895, Candler had built syrups plants in chicago, dallas and los angeles and Coca Cola was now expanding. Joseph Biedenharn became the first to put it in a bottle later they sell the bottle for a dollar.
  • recognition

    The Coca Cola Trademark is registered in the US patent office and make the first appearence in the Worlds Fair.
  • Put in a bottle

    Coca Cola its put in a bottle in Vicksburg, Mississippi by joseph biedenharn.
  • Coca Cola

    This was a great product and a great brand and they wanted to protected.The Company also decided to create a distinctive bottle shape to assure people they were actually getting a the real Coca Cola.The Coca-Cola Company grew rapidly, moving into Canada, Panama, Cuba, Puerto Rico, France, and other countries and U.S. territories.  In 1900, there were two bottlers of Coca-Cola; by 1920, there would be about 1,000.