coca cola

By L1lrob
  • coca cola founded

    coca cola founded
    in the first, the company sold about 9 glasses of coca cola a day.,
  • coca cola made clocks

    coca cola made clocks
    the coca cola company distributes branded urns and clocks
  • first budget

    first budget
    the annual advertising budget for coca cola surpasses the 100,000 mark for the first time.
  • delivered by horse

    delivered by horse
    bottles of coca cola are delivered by horse drawn carriages
  • first olympics

    first olympics
    th IX olympics games open in Amsterdam and coca cola is there - its first olympics
  • first coin vending machine

    first coin vending machine
    the first standardized coin operated machines are used
  • time magazine

    time magazine
    coca cola becomes the first ever product to appear on the cover of the Time magazine
  • coca cola in china

    coca cola in china
    coca cola comes to china
  • coca cola polar bear first advertisment

    coca cola polar bear first advertisment
    the coca cola polar bear first stars in advertising
  • dasani joins coca cola

    dasani joins coca cola
    Dasani, a bottle water product, joins the company's line up of brands
  • 120

    coca cola turns 120
  • 125 aniverary

    125 aniverary
    the coca cola celebrates the 125th anerversary with innovative, cultural events and exclusive collaborations around the globe.