Coca Cola

  • 1886-1892

    -in the first year, the company sold about 9 glasses of Coca Cola a day.
    -the first ever advertisment for coca cola appears in the "Atlana Journal'
  • Period: to

    Coca Cola

  • 1893-1904

    -Coca Cola hires first celebrity spokesperson
  • First bottle 1905-1918

    First bottle 1905-1918
  • 1918

    -In 1916, they began manufacturing the famous contour bottle. The contour bottle, which remains the signature shape of Coca-Cola today, was chosen for its attractive appearance,
  • Introduces the 6 pack

    Introduces the 6 pack
    coca cola introduced the 6 pack Robert Woodruff was a big impact when he made the 6 pack
  • the War and its legacy

    the War and its legacy
    In 1941, America entered World War II. Thousands of men and women were sent overseas. The country, and Coca-Cola, rallied behind them. Woodruff ordered that "every man in uniform gets a bottle of Coca-Cola for 5 cents, wherever he is, and whatever it costs the Company."
  • coca cola

    coca cola
    Woodruff’s vision that Coca-Cola be placed within "arm's reach of desire," was coming true -- from the mid-1940s until 1960, the number of countries with bottling operations nearly doubled. Post-war America was alive with optimism and prosperity. Coca-Cola was part of a fun, carefree American lifestyle, and the imagery of its advertising -
  • 1960-1981

    After 70 years of success with one brand, Coca-Cola®, the Company decided to expand with new flavors: Fanta®, originally developed in the 1940s and introduced in the 1950s; Sprite® followed in 1961, with TAB® in 1963 and Fresca® in 1966. In 1960, The Coca-Cola Company acquired The Minute Maid Company, adding an entirely new line of business -- juices -- to the Company.
  • 1978

    In 1978, The Coca-Cola Company was selected as the only Company allowed to sell packaged cold drinks in the People's Republic of China.
  • 1982-1989

    Among his bold moves was organizing the numerous U.S. bottling operations into a new public company, Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. He also led the introduction of diet Coke®, the very first extension of the Coca-Cola trademark; within two years, it had become the top low-calorie drink in the world, second in success only to Coca-Cola.  
  • 1990-1999

    And 1993 saw the introduction of the popular "Always Coca-Cola" advertising campaign, and the world met the lovable Coca-Cola Polar Bear for the first time. New markets opened up as Coca-Cola products were sold in East Germany in 1990 and returned to India in 1993.
  • 2000

    Coca cola global marketing plateform makes its debut.
  • 2012

    oca-Cola is committed to local markets, paying attention to what people from different cultures and backgrounds like to drink, and where and how they want to drink it. With its bottling partners, the Company reaches out to the local communities it serves, believing that Coca-Cola exists to benefit and refresh everyone it touches.