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  • Women Suffrage

    Women Suffrage
    The events of women suffrage is when the women of America tried to get the righs to vote. The women held their first meeting in Seneca Falls during 1848 where they decided that they would petition for the right to vote. The event of woman suffrage took place over the course of about 64 years until they got the right to vote. Women did get the right to hold a political office before they had the right to vote. That was something that was a stepping stone to them getting the right to vote.
  • Women Suffrage Reason

    The reason that the women suffrage was important was because it gave women more rights. Also almost equal to men though men still have more rights than women. The women at that time were very determined to get an amendment passed so they will get the right to vote. It took many years and women tried to get the western states to aid them because the western states were more independent.Then the first women senator was elected into Congress and then a few years later they got the right to vote.
  • Edwin L. Drake

    Edwin L. Drake
    Edwin Drake is an important person to the United States due to him discovering how to remove oil from the earth. This achievment may not seem very important. However without this discovery America wouldn't have been able to industriaalize and have everything run on gasoline. Edwin Drake should be on this time line due to his realization that the oil that he found could be used to power a steam engine. Instead of him not realizing the oil had a use.
  • Edwin L. Drake Reason

    The importance of Edwin Drake is that he is the man who found that natural gases such as oil and gasoline can be used to power engines. The reason that his discovery of this is important is because this allowed America to use oil and gas instead of other substances to power our train engines. This also started a new industry of oil drilling. The industry of oil changed America ever since then and it has still been used as a fuel since then in 1859.
  • The Gold Standard

    The Gold Standard
    The gold standard is important to U.S. history because gold is what money use to be backed up by. What that means is a dollar has a lump of gold backing it up. This standard for money was passed in 1861 and later it was called the gold and silver standard. The dollar was backed up by gold and silver because gold was running out and silver was the only thing that also had worth to it. So that is what was also used for the dollar.
  • The Gold Standard Reason

    The reason that the gold standard is important to know in U.S. history is because it was something that dramatically changed the worth of the dollar. The gold standard is important because the U.S. used it to show the worth of a dollar. By having a paper bill and it being backed up by a small lump of gold. This meant that if some one found the bill insufficient then they could use the gold instead. This is a very exagerated way to explain the gold standard though it is a good way to put it.
  • Reconstruction of the South

    Reconstruction of the South
    The reconstruction of the south occured after the civil war and the rebuilding went into the year 1877. This is an important event because it was when the Union went down to the south and they helped rebuild it. At that time this seemed a tad crazy because the Union resently destroyed the southern states because they wanted to win the war. This event showed that America as a whole would help the country that lost a war rebuild. That is the reconstruction of the South.
  • Reconstruction of the South Reason

    The reason that the Reconstruction of the South is important is because it took many years to complete. Also it was when the south's ememies came to the southern states to help rebuild. This of course seemed strange, due to the fact that each side was an enemy of thee other. It was also very different for the union to be helping the southern states after they had destroyed their land. This is improtant because this was one of the first things that we learned in history class.
  • Segregation

    Segregation started when the civil war ended and it was targeting slaves in the south. Racial segregation in the south really never had an ending. However the black people moved to the north to escape it in the 1890s. The racial segregation had many laws that would make life difficult for the blacks such as the poll tax which repealed the blacks' right to vote due them having to pay to vote. Also the grandfather clause whick made it so you won't have to pay if you are white.
  • Segregation Reasons

    The reason that racial segregation is important to U.S. history is because it was a time when the people of the south wouldn't allow the slaves to be set free. They found this to be unfair so they wanted the black's lives to be unfair with all the laws that the whites made to make it impossible for the blacks to be free. This information is important because racial segregation was not only blacks get this object and not that object. But they also had their own laws to follow that were different.
  • Immigration

    Immigration is when people from another country come and live in a diffrent country and that is what happened in the 1870s to America. When the first major wave of immigrants came to America they came mainly because of problems in their country such as when the Irish came due to the potato famine and the Germans came due to governmental trouble. There were many problems when the immigrants came to America such as a sudden jump in population so that created troubles with living style.
  • Immigration Reasons

    Immigration is so important is because America still has immigration problems today just as in 1870. Immigration in 1870s was difficult because most of the immigrants had to live in tight areas and that later lead to urbanization. The immigrants that came to America at that time were Germans, Irish, Jewish, and Japanese. The immigration time in America was important because those immigrants became the main type of people that live in America today. That’s why immigration is imporant.
  • Environment vs Industry

    Environment vs Industry
    The environment took a huge hit in 1874 because that was when the industry exploded. The industry discovered oil and in the 1800s there was no way to safely get rid of it. The industry decided that it would dispose of the unused oil in rivers however that later lead to river fires and crop failures due to the water being polluted. The environment also lost many of its trees due to a rising demand for oil drilling areas and coal mines, Thankfully the industry had to cut back a tad in 1877.
  • Environment vs Industy Reason

    The reason that the environment vs the industry is important is because it is still happening today. The industry had such an impact on the environment because in 1874 people did not know what to do with the leftover oil that they had no use for. So the threw it into the rivers and that later lead to huge river fires due to how much oil was in the water. All this information is needed to know because truthfully this event is still going on. The industry is still destroying the environment.
  • Inventions

    In the year 1876 many inventions were made though this will focus on only the light bulb. The light bulb was made in October 21, 1876. This invention was important because it replaced the old lamps that were needed every night. Also the light bulb brought electricity plants into the world. Those revolutionized many things, because then other things that ran on electricity could be made. The light bulb was made by Thomas Alva Edison and he later patented the light bulb in 1880.
  • Inventions Reasons

    The reason that the invention of the light bulb is so important to U.S. history is because the light bulb is still used today. The light bulb also replaced candles and oil lamps that were needed at night. Finally the light bulb brought power plants into the world and the power plants are still used today. The light bulb is very important because it was so revolutionary during 1876. It then became a popular object. These are the reasons that the light bulb is important.
  • Urbanazation

    Urbanization is when a city expands upward rather than building outward. Urbanization is what many cities in America have. A good example is New York City. In 1880 immigration was very high in America and most of the immigrants stayed in New York City. They did that because that is where the jobs were. Due to so many new residents in the city, New York had to build upward to fit everyone in. However urbanization can also be building outward with no space between houses.
  • Urbanazation Reasons

    Urbanization is important to U.S. history because many cities in the U.S. have that kind of layout. Urbanization is needed to know because it is an important concept to how Americans live and the type of living style that we live in. The reason that urbanization is a needed item to cities is because there is a limited area. A million people need to fit in that area then one would have to build upward rather than outward. That is how urbanization was most likely formed.
  • Union Movements

    Union Movements
    Union movements are when a group of workers get together and petition for more working rights. In the late 1880s many labor union formed and they wanted better pay, safer working conditions and more health benefits. One of the labor unions was the American Railway Union. It had all the labor though mostly the skilled workers were in this union. It was asking for the several things that were listed above, as were other unions. In the end they were successful.
  • Union Movements Reason

    The reason that union movements are important to U.S. history is because it was the only way for workers in factories to get better working conditions. The labor unions are important to know about because they were the reason that we have working benefits today. The workers of the 1880s had to petition for them and sometimes they even had to riot to get what they wanted. Finally the union movement is important because it tells of how poor the conditions for workers were in the 1880s.
  • Sherman Antitrust Act

    Sherman Antitrust Act
    The Sherman antitrust act was an act that was passed in 1890 to make it illegal to form a trust that interfered with free trade between states/other countries. This was passed so trade could be more equal. This means different people sell different things for different prices instead of the same cost. This doing so would drawing out businesses and make them go bankrupt. This act was needed because business would use that tactic to draw out other businesses.
  • Sherman Antitrust Act Reason

    The Sherman antitrust act is important to U.S. history because it was one of the first stages ever taken to regulate big business. When one uses the term regulate big business one means to make sure that business is not trying to create a monopoly and rule business. The act is important due to it being an act that later has a part two to it. The second act reinforces the first one to end monopolism of big business. This is why the Sherman Antitrust act is important.
  • Populism

    Populism used to be a political office that later failed due to its lack of popularity. Populism was a group for the people and they were in the government. The reason that it was made in the first place was to help the farmers and the factory workers because they were having a hard time and no one was helping them. The platform that the populists used later became the Democratic Party. The populists also crossed the silver and gold together to back up the dollar. After that populism ended.
  • Populism Reason

    A reason that Populism is important to U.S. history is because it was a group that had a large impact on the U.S. currency of the U.S. at that time. Populism is needed to know because they were a political group that later inspired the Democrats political platform. Populism is on the top twenty list because they were one of the first successful minor political group in the U.S. It just wanted to help the people in need at that time.
  • Progressivism

    The late 1890s were known as the progressive era because that was when women suffrage took a huge step forward. The economy became more stable. The women suffrage started to get more power and the women started to organize. The local governments got their own small power and that later lead to reforms. The four goals of progressivism are to protect social welfare, promote moral improvements, create economic reforms and foster efficiency. Those were the goals of progressivism.
  • Progressivism Reason

    Progressivism is important in U.S. history because this was the time when people started to want to move forward and get better work. The reason that better work was wanted was because the working conditions were bad. Progressivism is needed because it was going to protect social welfare. That was needed because there was no ways to originally guard it in any way and with this movement the people were trying to protect that. That is why progressivism is important.
  • American Empire

    American Empire
    In 1898 America decided to turn into an imperialism/empire. An empire is when a country claims land and tries to become the strongest world power. At that time the British were the largest world power. America’s first step to being a world power was the Spanish-America War, where we went to war with Spain and we beat them at the Philippians, Cuba then Puerto Rico. America only took Puerto Rico as land though everything else was territory. This is a brief way of America as an empire.
  • American Empire Reason

    The Americana Empire is important because it was one of the ways that we first acquired land. We continued onward for world power until we were the largest world power. This is also important because America has held that number one world power for a very long time. The idea of imperialism is important because at that time it was what all the big countries were and the only way for America to survive financially was to become an empire. That is why imperialism is important to the U.S.
  • Teddy Roosevelt

    Teddy Roosevelt
    Teddy Roosevelt was the 26th president of the U.S. and the youngest also. Roosevelt was known for being the trust busting president, meaning he got rid of 44 trusts and he challenged a few more. Roosevelt was a muckraker president as well; he reviled the meat packing industry and their flaws. Roosevelt also made it mandatory to say what is in the food and that is where food labels come from. And Roosevelt made the National Parks due to his love of nature. This is why Roosevelt is important.
  • Teddy Roosevelt Reason

    The reason that Roosevelt is important is because he did many great things during his time as president. The biggest reason that Roosevelt is important is because he busted 44 trusts, which what huge. He also started the National Park program which was important because at that time no land was set aside for the wild life. Roosevelt passed the Pure Food and Drug Act. That was needed because no knew what was in the food that people were eating and with this law we would know.
  • Technology

    Technology took a large leap forward in early 1900 though this will be focusing on the airplane. The airplane was first flown in 1903 by Wilber Wright and his brother Orville Wright. The airplane later changed transportation, though mainly mail service from that day onward. The airplane was first flown on December 17, 1903 at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Airplanes were originally used for mail service like it said before though it was later fashioned into a mode of transportation.
  • Technology Reason

    The reason that the airplane was an important technology to the U.S. is because it changed the way that Americans travelled. The airplane is something that is needed to know because it was an invention that was thought to be impossible to make though two people decide to make it. They changed America ever since. This event is on the top 20 list because it was an event that has changed America and it continues to change us since. That is why it is important.
  • Clayton Antitrust Act

    Clayton Antitrust Act
    The Clayton Antirust act was the part two to the Sherman antirust act. The Clayton antitrust act was made to end monopolies and in the end it did. The Clayton Antitrust act prohibited companies from obtaining other companies stock if doing so would start a monopoly, which the Clayton Antitrust act was trying to get rid of. The act also stated that the farm organizations and labor unions were no longer subjected to antitrust laws. These are what the Clayton antitrust act did.
  • Clayton Antitrust Act Reason

    The Clayton Antitrust act is important to U.S. history because it was the only act that successfully ended all business monopolism. If an organization's CEO tried to start a monopoly on a good then he/she would be prosecuted. The act also is something that is needed to know because it made the farm organizations and labor unions free from the antitrust laws. That had been a problem for the two groups for a very long time. That is why the Clayton Antitrust act is important.
  • America Joins WWI

    America Joins WWI
    America joined WWI in 1917 and this is why. The first reason was because we wished to keep our trade with other countries safe. America knew that they would have to join one side or the other on the war and America joined the Allies. The first few years of the war America had sent most of its exports to Great Britain and the other allies so they could be assisted. The reason that America stayed out of the war for such a long time was because Senator Hughes wanted it that way but we joined later.
  • America Joins WWI Reason

    The reason that America joining WWI is important to history is because it was when America was trying to stay neutral. However, we joined the war. The second reason that this event is important is because it was the first big foreign war that America had with all of the European countries. This was a major leap for America because this was the first time that we had partaken in a foreign affair that didn't affect us in any way, though we did. That is why America joined WWI is important.
  • Wilson's 14 Points

    Wilson's 14 Points
    Wilson's fourteen points were his idea for the end of WWI and then end of all other wars. His plan said that there will be freedom of the seas because that was one way the war started. All countries must limit their weapons or else we can start another war. And the League of Nations should be formed so if a country goes into a disagreement with another then the League would step in and resolve the conflict. Unfortunately the Europeans did not like the entire idea.
  • Wilson's 14 Points Reason

    The reason that Wilson's 14 points is important to history is because it was the treaty to end all wars. The reason that his idea was going to end war was because it was going to limit weapons and soldiers and anything that would threaten another country. The plan was rejected by the European countries because they found it to be too nice to the Germans. The Allies wanted Germany to pay, while Wilson wanted peace and to help Germany. Wilson agreed on the Treaty of Versailles.
  • Communism Fear

    Communism Fear
    Communism: a government based on one political party that is ruled by a dictatorship. Communism is something completely different from America's Republic and in 1919 we feared that communism would take over. In 1919 a communist party formed in the U.S. and sent bombs to the government. This clearly made everyone afraid that the communists would overthrow the government. Thankfully later the bombs that were sent were found to be duds and the threat of communism diminished partially.
  • Communism Fear Reason

    The Red Scare is important to U.S. history is because communism still threatens us. The reason that communism is important to U.S. history is because it is one of the longest fears of another political power that opposes us. Communism is also a threat to us and we have been to war due to it. Although the Red Scare was only a minor threat to America and Capitalism. The Red Scare made the nation afraid of anything like that and that later lead to McCarthyism, that's for another time.