Civil War Timeline by Jonathan Yee and Ignacio Chevez

By JMY012
  • Fort Sumter

    The Confederacy easily won this battle. This was the first battle of the war. It encouraged a lot of Northerners to the the Union Army. This battle took place in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina.
  • Bull Run

    This was the battle in which we heard the first of the "Rebel Scream." This battle, in which we lost and took nearly a year, we learned that taking down the Confederates would be neither quick, nor easy. This battle took place in Manassas, Western Virginia. This was a very difficult battle.
  • Fort Donelson

    This battle, taken place along the Cumberland River in Tenessee, was a huge victory for the Union. After Confederates attempted escape, Grant,a union General, counter attacked them and 13,000 Confederates surrendered.
  • U.S.S. Moniter VS. C.S.S. Virginia

    This battle, fought off the coast of Virginia, was the first battle that we used battle ships made of iron instead of wood. This would not burn down and puts up a better defense against bombs. This was a difficult battle, for nobody won.
  • Gettysburg

    The Union won this battle easily. The South lost their confience that they got from Chancellorville and it looked like the being of the end for the South. This battle took place at Gettysburg.
  • Vicksburg

    The Union won this battke but it was difficult. This boosted the Union's confidence and showed that the North can fight without access to supplies. This battle took place at Missisippi.
  • Fort Wagner

    The Confederacy won this battle easily. The Confederacy won but the public opinion in the North, more citizens recongized the contibutions of African Americans soldiers. This Battle took place in Fort Wagner, Charleston Harbor.
  • Sherman's March to the Sea

    The Union won this battle easily. Sherman's tactics were made for the South to be scared and stop fighting and it made some fear but not stop fighting. THis battle took place in Atlanta-Savannah.