Civil War Timeline

  • The South Secedes

    The South Secedes
    After many years of comprimises and tension betwen pro slavery and Abolishonist movements, the South has no other choice but to secede from the Union. One by one they left starting with, South Carolina (12-20-1860), Mississippi (1-9-1861), Florida (1-10-1861), Alabama (1-11-1861), etc.
  • Period: to

    Civil War

  • The Election of the 16th President.

    The Election of the 16th President.
    March of 1861 Abraham Lincoln was elected as the President of the United States, this cuases more tension between the North and the South
  • Fort Sumter

    Fort Sumter
    On April 12th !861. Confederate soldiers fired shots for roughly 35 hours on Union soldiers on Fort Sumter. Sparked the fighting of the Civil war.
  • The First Battle of Bull Run

    The First Battle of Bull Run
    The First battle of Bull Run occured on July 21st 1861. This is a match up between two equally matched armys led under McDowell for the North and P.G.T Bueroguard.the south wins. This is a long bloody battle and it is going to be a long and a very bloddy war. More Troops are Needed
  • McClellan, Get out!

    McClellan, Get out!
    President Lincoln is upset with McClellans performance in battle and is fired. This is the first of many losses of Generals from the Union.
  • The Battle of Shiloh

    The Battle of Shiloh
    While General Grant was pushing through Tennesee, P.G.T Buerogaurd Suprised Grant with an Attack. On the First day of the Battle the south was very succesdfull but they were not able to hold of the North on the second day of the battle. More people died in this battle than in any other war before combined.
  • New Orleans

    New Orleans
    April 25- May 1st, the Union captures New Orleans. This is a great capture for the North.
  • Harpers Ferry

    Harpers Ferry
    On September 1862 Gen. McClellan defeats Gen Lee at Harpers ferry, but he wasnt able to capitalize and captuer Harpers Ferry
  • The Battle of Antietam

    The Battle of Antietam
    General McClellan Luanches another attack on General Lee, WIth good battle tactics General Hooker was able to Flank General Lee's left side. General Burnside was also involved with the battle by attacking entrenched confederate troops. Union Loses 25% of their troops (12,400) The South loses 31% of their troops (10,300).
  • The Battle of Fredricksburg

    The Battle of Fredricksburg
    General Burnside attacks entrenched confederate troops near Fredricksburg Va. Burnside tried to penetrate General Jackson and General Lee's trenches with the help of General Hooker, but he is forced to withdraw his troops.
  • The Battle of Chancellorsville

    The Battle of Chancellorsville
    The Battle of Chancellorsville was considered one of the most important battles of the Civil War. In this battle hooker takes over for Burnside and he thinks about taking fredricksburg but withdrwals at the last second. General Lee devides up his troops which is very risky and then he sends General Jackson on a flanking mission. The North is unprepared and Jackson Flanks Succesfully.This pays off big for the south. Hooker barely holds on with out losing all of his troops. The South loses 13,300