Civil war generals

  • Election of 1860

    Lincoln ran for president against John C. Breckinridge, John Bell, and Stephan Doughlas in the 1860 election. Lincoln won
  • Civil war begins

    Confederate forces fired on Union troops at Fort Sumter, forcing them to surrender, and began the war
  • George B. McClellan becomes general

    after the First Battle of Bull Run for the Union
  • Joseph E. Johnston becomes civil war general

    Fought for the Confederate
  • Stonewall Jackson becomes general

    For the Confederate side
  • Winfield Scott retires from being general

    Fighting for the Union; was 74 years old when the war started. Wanted Robert E. Lee to become general, but Lee refused
  • Robert E. Lee becomes general

    for the Conferderate side. One of the best generals in the civil war
  • Ulysses Grant becomes general

    he and William Tecumseh Sherman fought side by side in the war and were both generals. They were best friends and fought for the Union.
  • William Tecumseh Sherman becomes general

    fought side by side with Ulysses Grant. They were best friends; fought for the Union
  • Benjamin Harrison becomes civil war general

    fought for the Union
  • Civil war ended

    The Union won; Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses Grant