Civil War battles

  • Fort Sumpter

    1st major battle of civil war
    Generals: Robert Anderson & P. G.T Beaureguard
    Who won: Confederacy
    Significance: No deaths in battle
  • 1st Bull Run

    Generals: Grant & Robert Lee
    Who won: Confederacy
    Significance: 1st major battle in Virginia
  • Shiloh

    Generals: Beaurguard, Grant, & Sidney Johnson
    Who won: Union
    significance: Bloodiest battle
  • 2nd Bull Run

    Generals: Robert Lee, John Pope, & Stonewall Jackson
    Who won: Confederacy
    significance: It was the winning battle in Civil war
  • Antietam

    Generals: George & Robert Lee
    Who won: Union
    Significance: alot of lives lost
  • Fredericksburg

    Generals: Robert Lee & Bumside
    Who won: Confederacy
    Significance: Largest and bloodiest battle
  • Chancellorville

    Generals: Robert Lee & Stonwall Jackson
    Who won: Confederacy
    Significance: Jackson killed by own men
  • Vicksburg

    Generals: Grant & Pemberton
    Who won: Union
    Significance: Confederate surrendered
  • Gettysburg

    Generals: Robert Lee & Grant
    Who won: Union
    Significance: Major turning point in Civil war
  • Sherman's March

    Generals: Sherman & Beauguard
    Who won: Union
    Significance: Led to the capturing on Sept. 2
  • Appomattox

    Generals: Robert Lee & Grant
    Who won: Union
    Significance: Confederacy surrendered and it ended the Civil war