Civil War Annotated Timeline-Jared Ingram

  • fort sumpter

    fort sumpter
    The first battle of the civil war. Confederates win due to a supprise attack on the union arsonal. Lasted from april 12-13
  • 1st Battle of Bull Run

    1st Battle of Bull Run
    First battle of manass after the attack on fort sumpter. It almost brought an early end to the war. Confederates won against the underdevoleped union army.
  • Battle of hampton roads

    Battle of hampton roads
    Happened in virginia union victory
  • Battle of Shiloh

    Battle of Shiloh
    Third battle of the civil war. Known as the battle of pittsburg landing. Lasted april 6-7. Union victory and north leader A. Johnson killed. The union takes controll of the tennesse river
  • 2nd Battle Of Bull Run

    2nd Battle Of Bull Run
    fourth battle of the civil war. Lasted Auguse 28-30. Stonewall jackson comes into play by capturing the union depot supply.union leader Pope. It took place in Virginia. Confederates win and take over most of the state.
  • Battle of antietam

    Battle of antietam
    took place in mayrland. Union leader McClellan. Confederate leader Lee. A union victory and also the bloodest battle the north ever had. this led to the emancipation proclanation.
  • Battle of Fredricksburg

    Battle of Fredricksburg
    it took place in virginia burnside against lee the confederates won
  • siege of vicksburg

    siege of vicksburg
    happened in mississippi grant vs pemberton union victory gave them controll of the mississippi river.
  • ratifaction of the 13th amendment

    ratifaction of the 13th amendment
    when the slaves were free due to the us constitution
  • Battle of gettysburg

    Battle of gettysburg
    it took place in pennsylvania maede against lee union victory south never invaded north again
  • siege of atlanta

    siege of atlanta
    major sherman invaded atlanta from the vicinity of chattanooga
  • emancipation proclamation

    emancipation proclamation
    abraham lincoln passed it to free all slaves in the north and the south.
  • surrender at appomattox Courthouse

    surrender at appomattox Courthouse
    when Ulysses S. Grant forced general Robert E. Lee to surrender thus causing an end to the civil war.
  • assassaination of Abraham Lincoln

    assassaination of Abraham Lincoln
    abram lincoln was shot in the head by John Wilks Booth. He died on April 16 1865 due to brain complications.
  • battle of Chancllorsville

    battle of Chancllorsville
    it happened in virginia the leaders were hooker and was a confederate win. hooker outnumbered 2:1