Civil War Annotated Timeline-Alex Cisneros

  • fort sumter

    south was taking control of most of the forts inside the confederacys borders. robert anderson had control of the fort but suppise was dwindling . if licoln supplied fort it would engaged war but if he didnt they would losethe fort. licoln sent supplis. confederacey decied to attack befor the ships arriverd. at 4:30 am confederates opened fire no one was killed start od the civle war.
  • battal of bull run (1st)

    Confederacy win led to army reorganization.
  • emancipation procalmatio

    after the Union's victory at Antieam the Union by January 1, freedom was given to slaves within the states. No Confederate states took the offer, and on January 1 Lincoln presented the Emancipation Proclamation. The proclamation said , "all persons held as slaves within any States, or designated part of the State, the people whereof shall be in rebellion against the United States, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free."
  • battle of hampton roads

    March 8, 1862 the Confederate went down the Elizabeth River into Hampton Roads to attack the U.S. the new warship had been in Virginia, but its original form
  • battle of shilo

    it was a union victory the uion was lead but grant and the confederates where lead by johnston. the battle was in teenisse and jonston was killed and they gained the control odf the teeniseei river.
  • battle of bull run (2st)

    confederacy win regain control of most of virginia. stonewal jackson. the north had pope as a leader and the south had lee
  • battle of antietam

    millary draw seen as a politacl victory for union led to the emaneiration proelamation . bloodist day in america. the north had a leader of mcclellen and the south had a lkeader of lee the bettle was fought in maryland
  • battle of fredricksburg

    confederacy win and stop final union advance og 1862. the south had lee as there leader and the north had burnside as there leaderthe battle was fought in virginia
  • battle of chancellorsville

    confederacy win lee beant the army that had ut numbered them 2:1 but jackson was killed the south had the leader of lee and the oirth had the leader of hocker. the battle was fought in virgina
  • battle iof antietam

    it was a union victory it was also the truning piont in the war . the uion accomplished part of plan by capturing the mississippi river. the army was lead by grant for the uoin and the confederet was leadby lee. it was also fough in mississippi.
  • battle of gettysburg

    it was a 3 daay battle UNION WON!!!!!!!!!! it was a turning point and the south would never invaid the north agine. the nort had george meade as there leader and the soulth had a leader lee . the battle was fought in pennsylvania.
  • siege of atlanta

    With more than 100,000 troops under command, Union General William T. Sherman kicked off Atlanta campaign from Chattanooga Tennessee on May 5, 1864, against a Confederate force 65,000 under General Joseph E. Johnston. Sherman's advance was part of a coordinated Federal drive against the two main Confederate armies in the field
  • ratifaicaton of the 13th amendment

    The 13th Amendment to the Constitution declared that "Neither slavery or involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction." got ride of slavery in the United States, the 13th Amendment was passed
  • assassination of abraham lincoln

    Boot told his peole that Lincoln was at a play,at Campbell Military Hospital. Hegot togather his men in a restaurant at the edge of town, hopeing they should soon join him on a nearby road to capture the President on his way back from the hospital. licoln was the frist presient to be killed .