civil war annotated timeline

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  • 1st battle of Bull run

    1st battle of Bull run
    Was near Wshington, Maryland and union army was led by irvin mcdowell, adn the confederate army was led by pierre t. beaueregard. confederates won. this battle was improtant because south has won its first great battle in the war
  • battle of hampton roads

    was fought on march 8-9 in hamptons road, virginia. lead by john marston and franklin buchanan. both sides claim victory
  • battle of bull run 2

    battle of bull run 2
    this battle started august 28-30 in prince william county, washington lead by union officer john pope and confederate officer robert E lee. battle won by confederates.
  • batttle of fredricksburg

    batttle of fredricksburg
    was from december 11-15 in spotsylvania and fredricksburg, virginia. the confederacy won and was led by robert e lee, adn the union was led by ambrose e burnside.
  • battle of chancellorsville

    battle of chancellorsville
    battle started april 30-may 6 1863 in spotsylvania county, virginia and was lead by josheph hooker and robert e lee. the confederates won. battle was the second bloodiest day in the civil war
  • battle of gettysburg

    battle of gettysburg
    started on july 1 and ended july 3 in adams county, pennsylvania, was lead by George G meade and robert e lee and was won by the union
  • 2nd battle of bull run

    2nd battle of bull run
    the second battle of the bull run was near washington, maryland. the leader of the confederate forces was robert e lee and the leader of the union forces was general pope. confederates won and was a bitter blow for nothren hopes.
  • assassination of Abraham Lincon

    assassination of Abraham Lincon
    wash shot at washington DC, maryland. was watching "oru american cousin" when john booth came behind him and shot him in the back of his head.