Civil Rights Final

  • Melba is born

  • 4th of July

    When Melba was five she had her first encounter with strong segregation. When going to ride the merry-go-round which she had dreamed of doing for years she was told there was no space for her on it. When she pointed to an empty horse a man hit the money out of her hand and yelled at her to leave.
  • Brown v. The Board of Education Passes

    On this day Melba was going home from school when a white man out of rage tries to rape her. He tells her she will never be able to go to school with his children. Luckily a Mentally Disabled girl who normally causes trouble hits the man on the head and saves Melba.
  • Melba signs up to be integrated

    Not thinking about the decision Melba signs up to be part of a group that might get chosen to go to Little Rock High School.
  • Melba gets chosen

    Sometime in August while on a trip to Cincinatti Melba gets a call that she has been chosen to be one of nine students that will be attending Little Rock High School that year.
  • Melba learns about the guards

    Melba's aunt, who cooks for the school informs Melba that she will not be able to get in to the school tomorrow. The governor ordered the National Guard to keep the students out of the school.
  • First Day of School

    When Melba and her mother take her to the first day of school they are attacked by angry parents protesting their acceptance into the school. They hit them and chase them all the way to their home. They do not get let into the school this day.
  • Second Try

    After a court ruling that keeping the nine students out of the school is wrong they attempt to go back to school again. On this day they actually made it into the school to only find a greater fear than they had on the outside of the school. They were all seperated to different rooms. They were hit, spat on, yelled at, ignored. The crowd of parents were going to break into the school and they had to get the students out for fear of them being killed. Planning on sacrficing one to save the others
  • President sends in National Guard to ensure the students safety.

    Melba's guard Danny kept her safe from bullies and parents alike. Without him she couldnt have made it through the year.
  • The National Guard Leaves

    The national guard leaves and the students are beaten and harrased all day. Melba was burned and abused but the one thing that got her throught the day was something Danny told her "Warriors Survive". So she adopted that saying and was never going to stop fighting to win against segregation.
  • Men Cut at school

    the National guard who had already diminished by half was now cut another 432 men. Leaving much less than half at the school.
  • Scholarship

    Minnijean leves Little Rock with the help of a scholarship to a private school in New York
  • Attacks continue

    Melba gets abused days prior and on February 20th she gets hit on the back of the head with a tennis racket and responds thank you on her way to the bathroom.
  • Andy attacks Melba

    A student Andy is going to kill Melba she is alone but a friend of Andy's, Link, secretly helps her escape and she survives one more attack.
  • Petition

    The School Board petitions the full integration of their schools trying to push it back one more year.
  • Graduation

    Ernie graduates from Central High, the first person of color ever to accomplish that.
  • School Board

    Federal Judge Lemley granted the school board's request. Delaying the integration now for three and a half more years.
  • year two

    The students had won their court case to go to school another year but the governor is stopping them from re-entering.