Civial War

By Remus12
  • The south secedes

    were 11 states were removed from america and they joined together for confederate states of america
  • south seizes federal forts

    the sucsesor of lincoln was stuborn and would not give the forts to the southern sates so they forced a ship to go back to new york supplies undeliverd and the southerners won the forts
  • Lincolns inauguration

    lincoln said that he would not end slavery and no planes to end slavery in states that have slavery and he also said slavery would not expand
  • attack on fort sumter

    lincoln was sending supplies to fort sumter and let south carolina now but they thought it was a trik they tried to surender after all there supplies are gone but the south didnt care so they shot at fort sumter on the 12th
  • First Battle of bull run

    they were ordered to go to manassas to fight even when they had new troops that had never been trained
  • Abraham Lincoln takes action

    Lincoln issued a war against the confederassy general McClellan ignored the order
  • McCellan loses comand

    he was reoved of the supreme comand and moved to potomac and ordered to attack richmond
  • The battle of shiloh

    confederate forceds attacked union forces and federal troops almost defeated but over night reinforcments and union comannded the feild as the confederedates retreated alot of people died
  • Harpers Ferry

    the union lost harpers ferry cause they wernt fast enough and lost haroers ferry along with some men and a lot of supplies
  • The Battle of freddricksburg

    the union was defeated multiple times and the person who replaced mcCellan has been replaced with another person