civel war timeline

  • kansas-nebraska act

    this let settlers of a plce to deside if slavery would be allowed in the teritory of new states.this related in to some violence known aas the bleading kansas(1861-65).
  • lincoln vs. douglas

    people think of abe lincoln they think of stephen a. douglas.1858 Illinois state election campain as among the most important statings in usa politcal history.these discusions went on as a fight almost
  • dred scott decision

    dred scott was a african american slave.he unseccefily sued for his freedom.this is known as the dred scott vs. sandford case in 1857. many say he should have won for this state suposebly abolished slavery since 1787.
  • lincoln wins as president

    abrham licoln is elected 16 president.he is the first republican elected president.his amazing speaches helped him win against john c. bucther breckinridge,john bell, and his enamy stephen a. douglas.
  • the south secades

    when the president abe lincoln was elected presiden of the USA south carolina legilature sent in a threat.they then elected there own president.the states of mississippi,florida,alabama,georigia louisana,texas,virginia,arkansas,tennessee,and south carolina plua,arkansaw eventualy making the confedarate states of america
  • CSA is formed

    southerners felt they needed a new goverment so they could live their own life.the south made the confedarate states of america six months later four more states joined. later making jefferson davis their president