CIS 105 1.24.22

  • Instagram

    I remember growing up around social media. But Facebook was for the age group 10 years older than me when I was in grade school. Instagram was the first social media that I used. It was so simple and easy to use. Inventor: Kevin Systrom
  • Siri

    Siri was first programed onto iPhones in 2011. I remember Siri being the first AI that I had a connection with. I remember thinking that it was so cool that I could talk to my phone and it would talk back. AI has since advanced and we have intelligence like Alexa from Amazon and the Google Assistant. Inventor: Adam Cheyer
  • Apple Maps

    Apple Maps
    I remember growing up and going on roadtrips with my family and relying on paper AAA travel maps to help us find our way to our destination. Thinking back on that stresses me out because I even worry making a wrong turn while listening to Siri give me step by directions on road trips today. Apple Maps made traveling on the interstates to driving around my local city an easy alternative to printing paper directions on the internet. Inventor: Apple
  • Ring Door Bell

    Ring Door Bell
    The Ring Door Bell was invented by Jamie Siminoff. While the device is currently used by most households in the US, the device was originally passed up on the famous American show "Shark Tank". This helped pave the way for home owner operated security systems. Instead of having to pay for expensive camera's and a high monthly payment to a security monitoring company, home owner's could pay a low monthly fee for a great quality home camera and doorbell that sent messages to your smart phone.
  • Self-Driving Cars

    Self-Driving Cars
    In movies like "Back to the Future", technologies like self driving cars and auto-laced Nikes seem so advanced. In 2015, both became a reality. While self driving cars still need some more development. Companies like Tesla made break through innovations that will change the way we drive forever. Today in 2022, I drive a car that is semi-self driving. Only time will tell what cars will be able to accomplish in the near future. Inventor: Norman Bel Geddes