Cinderella Cleaners: Change of a Dress

  • Chapter One

    Diana get's her first job working for her father at the laundry cleaners.
  • Chapter Two

    Diana get's her first friend at the cleaners and get's her first tour of the cinderella cleaners.
  • Chapter Three

    Diana has to quit the drama club because she has to work at the cleaners. She is relly upset about that.
  • Chapter Four

    Three weeks later. Diana has to paint her room for her stepmothers party. By herself. She is not happy.
  • Chapter Five

    Diana see's the most beautiful dress that she's seen in her life,while working at the cinderella cleaners.
  • Chapter Six

    Diana finds a pink glittery envalope in the dresses jacket. Inside there is two tickets to the new broadway show in NEW YORK! She has to think about what to do.
  • Chapter Seven

    Diana takes the two tickets for the broadway show. She also takes the perfect dress,but it belongs to someone else,waiting for it to be cleaned at the cleaners.
  • Chapter Eight

    Diana needs to figure out how is she going to the show when her parents say she has to babysit her liitle step sisters. Also, she needs to figure out how she is going to get there,but how?
  • Chapter Nine

    Diana finds a way to get out of the house while she has to babysit. She also has a lift to the show.
  • Chapter Ten

    Diana get's to the broadway show and meets the star of the show. The star asked her to go to a party. Diana goes and she dances with the star,but the star accidently falls in love with her.
  • Chapter Eleven

    Diana is haveing a great time at the party but the person who owns the dress and who had the tickets, shows up out of nowhere. She needs to leave,but to make matters worse, the star who fell in love with her, won't let her leave. She is close to getting caught until she makes it to her ride before they saw her.
  • Chapter Twelve

    To make it even worse, the star who fell in love with Diana, shows up at the cleaners out of nowhere. Diana gets to go to lunch with the star but has to tell the star that she is only 13 not 16. The star is freaked out that he fell in love with a 13 year old girl. Also Diana doesn't get caught for skipping babysitting. All's well that ends well.