Christopher Columbus Timeline

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In History
  • 1451


    Christopher was born in Genoa.
  • 1465

    First Journeys

    Columbus was a teenager when he first set sail.
  • 1479

    Gets Married

    Christopher married a lady named Felipa Perestrella e Moniz. They lived in Portugal.
  • 1480

    First Major Voyage

    Christopher Columbus made his first big voyages. He sailed between Portugal and Iceland.
  • 1484

    Looks For Sponsors

    Columbus wanted to make a new voyage; he wanted to find a western route from Europe to Asia. He asked for help from Portugal and England, but he was rejected.
  • 1485

    Moves To Spain

    After looking for financial support to sail west, Columbus moved to Spain.
  • 1491

    Spain Decides To Sponsor

    In 1491, Columbus asked for financial help from the king and queen of Spain. They said yes.
  • 1492

    Columbus Sets Sail

    In August 1492, Columbus set sail with three ships; the Pinta, the Nina, and the Santa Maria. Christopher sailed on the Santa Maria.
  • 1492


    In October, 1492, Christopher and his crew made landfall. They thought they had reached Asia, but they were wrong; they had reached the America.
  • 1492

    Second Major Journey

    In September 1943, Columbus returned to the Americas looking for treasure, but again he came home empty-handed. His brothers stayed in America with a handful of colonists.
  • 1498

    Third Major Journey

    Spain paid for Columbus to go back to America for a third time. When he arrived he found his brothers' colony was horrible and he was arrested for their crimes.
  • May 20, 1506


    Christopher Columbus returned to Spain where he passed away.