Christopher Columbus

  • Sep 20, 1451

    Columbus was born

  • Period: Sep 28, 1451 to May 20, 1506

    christopher columbus

  • Oct 16, 1453

    merchants sudedenly stopped trading

  • Dec 21, 1476

    christopher columbus was sailing past portugal when his ship was attacked by an enemy

  • Feb 16, 1478

    christopher married a young lady who came from a noble family with friends at court

  • Apr 28, 1484

    he went ot the king of portugal and asked for ships and money for his trip to the indies

  • Jul 7, 1485

    columbus went to spain. his wife had died leaving him with a son diego who he put in the care of monks in a spanish monastery

  • Jan 20, 1489

    he returned to spain and he still had three more years to wait until the queen finished her war and beat the Moors

  • Aug 3, 1492

    columbus set sail from spain taking three ships with him ( the nina, the pinta, and the santa maria

  • Sep 6, 1492

    they pulled up anchor and sailed into the Unknown

  • Sep 25, 1492

    Martin Pinzon, captain of the Pinta, shouted "Teirra, Tierra land land"

  • Sep 26, 1492

    there was no sign of land anywhere. THEY MUST HAVE SEEN CLOUDS ON THE HORIZON THAT LOOKED LIKE LAND.

  • Oct 7, 1492

    The Nina raised a flag and fired a cannon, the signal that land had been sighted. Another false alarm

  • Oct 10, 1492

    The men announced that they couldn't stand it no longer. They must turn back

  • Oct 11, 1492

    Columbus gave orders that instead of dropping anchor, the three ships would sail right on.

  • Oct 12, 1492

    At two o clock in the morning a cannon was fired from the Pinta

  • Oct 12, 1492

    Columbus and the other sailors met the other Americans

  • Dec 23, 1492

    Columbus estimated that in the course of one hour more than 1000 persons visited the ships

  • Dec 24, 1492

    Christopher Columbus, Admiral of the Ocean Sea, sailed north for the harbor closest to that part of Hispaniola that was obviously Japan

  • Dec 24, 1492

    The Santa Maria sunk

  • Dec 25, 1492

    Columbus sailed to Haiti

  • Jan 4, 1493

    Columbus set sail for Spain

  • Mar 15, 1493

    They arrived back in Spain

  • Sep 13, 1493

    Columbus set out on his second trip to the Indies

  • Nov 27, 1493

    Columbus and his men arrived at Hispaniola

  • Nov 28, 1493

    Columbus found the fort burned down, the Spaniards dead

  • Jan 26, 1494

    1494 through 1496- one third of the native population of Hispaniola was killed, sold, or scared away

  • Sep 28, 1495

    Columbus returned to Isabella and he was sick from nervous exhaustion

  • Mar 11, 1496

    Columbus set sail for Spain to set things right with the king and queen

  • May 30, 1498

    Columbus set sail for the south

  • Aug 23, 1500

    Francis de Bobadilla, a special representative of the crown, arrived in Hispaniola

  • Feb 27, 1502

    Vasco da Gama was going again to the Indies

  • Mar 2, 1502

    Columbus was back at sea, which was his fourth trip that he called his "High Voyage"

  • Dec 25, 1502

    On Christmas night the four ships snchored off Panama, not more than thirty two milesw from the Pacific Ocean, but even if Columbus had known how close he was to the other side, there was no way to reach it whith his ships

  • Apr 6, 1503

    A force of four hundred natives attacked the Spanish fort and before the fighting was over, twelve Spaniards had been killed

  • Jun 25, 1503

    When they reached the island of Jamaica, the ships could stay afloat no longer. The men ran them ashore and beached them together, for this was where they would live

  • Jun 19, 1504

    Columbus had no ship to sapre, he said, nor did he send one until now

  • Nov 7, 1504

    Columbus did not reach Spain until now

  • Nov 26, 1504

    Queen Isabella died three weeks after Columbus's arrival

  • May 20, 1506

    Columubus died

  • Oct 11, 1513

    Balboa crossed thsoe few miles at Panama and claimed the Pacific Ocean for Spain