christian frindle

Timeline created by christianvcs
  • 3rd grade tropical classroom

    3rd grade tropical classroom
    Nick puts sand and construction paper palm trees in the 3rd grade room and makes the room into a South Seas vacation.
  • Blackbird peep

    Blackbird peep
    Nick learns how red winged Blackbirds defend each other and then Nick peeps in the classroom and drives the teacher crazy.
  • The Frindle

    The Frindle
    After Nick gives out his report three things happen when he's going home which lead to the frindle
  • The Word Wars

    The Word Wars
    Nick signs his name on a letter Mrs. Granger gives him. Nick wants to know what is inside.
  • Detention

    Mrs. Granger wants every kid that says frindle to write 100 sentences.
  • Nationwide Nick

    Nick goes on the newspaper and TV. Nick is known all over the US
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