Chloe :)

By Anet
  • 1 Day

    1 Day
    Cecelia is at the Stratford Pub drinking her usual drink. She is wondering how Janine and Henry are getting along in France.
  • 1 Week

    1 Week
    Cecelia is sitting under Andy's tree thinking about the post wondering how things turned out. She still misses Andy.
  • 1 Month

    1 Month
    Cecelia and Janine are at the only cafe in Strattford. They are talking about her and Henry's trip to France. Janine thanks her for paying for the trip. Janine tells her about Henry and her's engagement.
  • 1 Year

    1 Year
    Cecelia claps her hands with the congragation as Henry and Janine drive off as a newly married couple.