Child of Dandelions

  • Title of Book; Author

    Child of Dandelions; Shenaaz Nanji
  • Setting

    Uganda, 1970's
  • Rising Action

  • Climax

    Sabine’s ride to Entebbe Airport
  • Falling Action

    Sabine and Munchkin leave Uganda
  • Conflict

    President Idi Amin declares that all foreign born Indians have 90 days to leave the country
  • Characterization

    Sabine is bright, stubborn, and caring, but she is also naïve. She recognizes that she is often fearful like her mother, but she tries to emulate her brave father and grandfather. She loves to dance, in this way expressing her feelings of fear, wonder, sadness, and hope.
  • Relate/Connect to Real life

    By having to move and leave my bestfriend