Chicken project

  • Step 1

    Square up the chicken by placing the bird on its back with the breasts facing up , the legs should point toward you
  • Step 2

    Slice between the joints close to the bones hold the leg with your guiding hand and move the knife close to the bones in the back of the bird
  • Step 3

    Pull away the leg and thigh and remove, repeat for the other side
  • Step 4

    Start at the wishbone and cut through the bone connecting the breasts , separate into two holes
  • Step 5

    Separate the leg portion from the thigh
  • Step 6

    Insert the boning knife and make a cut following the line of fat on the inside of the thigh cut through the joint connecting the leg to the thigh
  • Step 7

    Separate the wing from the breast , pull each wing away from the body with guiding hand cut inside each wing along the joint and remove
  • Step 8

    You should end with a thigh , wing and breast split from each other