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  • May 15, 1540

    European Contact

    European Contact
    Spanish treasure seekers led by Hernando De soto stayed in their towns until the Indians led an attack against them. Scaring them away for the next hundred years.
  • Trade

    The Chickasaw began to trade with the British
  • War

    The Chickasaw were frequently at war with the French and Choctaw for the next 60 years. Constant warfare between the British backed the Chickasaw and the other French Indian Allies.
  • Hopewell

    The Chickasaw signed the treaty of hopewell
  • Treaties

    The Chickasaw signed three treaties agreeing to give up their land and move towards Indian Territory.
  • Choctaw Indians Land

    Choctaw Indians Land
    The Chickasaw purchased and moved to Choctaw Indians Land
  • New Homes

    New Homes
    The Chickasaw produced surplus in their new homes.
  • Holmes Colbert

    Holmes Colbert
    Holmes Colbert married a Chickasaw woman and formed the Chickasaw constitution
  • Chickasaw Nation

    Chickasaw Nation
    The Chickasaw nation became the first of the five civilized tribes to become allies of the Confederate states of america. Began to fight in the Civil War
  • Old Northwest Territory

    Old Northwest Territory
    The Chickasaw fought with the United States as allies against other Indians of the Old Northwest Territory.