Chibanche History Timeline

  • The First Settlers

    People from Germany, England, and Ireland all arrive on the shore of Kevinly in the hopes of founding a new land.
  • Period: to

    Chibanche History

  • First Ruler Chosen

    The three groups of settlers meet to choose their first ruler. They select a German Queen named Katherine for her strong leadership in bringing the clans together during the early years of the country.
  • Flu Outburst

    An outburst of the flu virus spreads across the land causing much death and the population decreases causing the economy to become unstable because of more poverty and less workers.
  • Queen Katherine Dies

    Queen Katherine dies of the flu and her daughter Amelia takes the thrown.
  • The Great Quake

    An Earthquake causes multiple mining mountains to collapse taking many lives. Also the Earthquake causes avalanches and destroy two towns in District 6.
  • The Lone War

    Chibanche has a war with Emoostane over territorial boudaries. The war ends in 1926 and both rulers sign a peace treaty. This is called the Lone War because so far it is the only war in Chibanche's history.
  • A New Invention

    Christopher Alden invents a new mining tool called a Dirning Drill which helps dig throught harder ground much faster than by hand. This causes the economy's mining industry to increase in profits.
  • Queen Amelia Dies

    Queen Amelia dies and her son Paul takes the thrown. He decides there should be a different kind of government and he makes Chibanche a Constitutional Monarchy. He has the people of Chibanche elect the first prime minister (which ends up being the son of the famous inventor Christopher Alden) James Alden. The new government decides to hold an election for Prime Minister every 10 years.
  • Stephanie Malkon Elected.

    Stephanie Malkon is elected as the first Female Prime Minister.
  • King Paul Retires

    King Paul retires from the thrown and his Nephew Alfred takes over as head of the royal family.
  • King Alfred Dies

    King Alfred dies of Heart Disease and his neice Mary takes the thrown. She is the youngest ruler in Chibanche's history and remains the head of the Royal Family to this day.