Chessy Prout

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  • Chessy was born

    Chessy was born
    Chessy, Full name Francesca Prout was born in October of 1999 to Alex and Susan Prout, joining her older sister Lucy. (162)
  • Earthquake

    12 year old Chessy was living in Japan when the 9.1 magnitude earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. Chessy was in class at Sacred Heart Community School when the earthquake hit (11-12)
  • New Start

    New Start
    Chessy and her sisters started at CSN, the Community School of Naples, after their short visit turned into an indefinite stay. (22-23)
  • Decision Day

    Decision Day
    Chessy got her acceptance letter from St. Paul's, she was deciding to follow in her fathers and sisters footsteps by attending this prestigious prep school in Concord NewHampshire. (41)
  • St. Pauls

    St. Pauls
    Chessy starts at St. Pauls school in Concord NewHampshire. The school that her sister was attending and her fathers alma mater. (50)
  • Chessy's Assault

    Chessy's Assault
    Owen Labrie, a senior at St. Pauls asked Chessy on a date with a promise of a breathtaking view off of the roof of one of the schools buildings, the day before graduation. He ended the date by locking her in a loud mechanical room and sexually assaulting her. (93-96)
  • Cat Island

    Cat Island
    Just a few weeks after her assault Chessy traveled to the remote island of cat island in the Bahamas to volunteer at the Old Bright Mission Home orphanage as part of a youth mission trip through her church (134)
  • Starting Over

    Starting Over
    The bullying at St. Paul's towards Chessy got so bad that she decided to leave the school for good. A comment made by two seniors during the morning announcements was the final straw for Chessy and pushed her to leave the school. (167)
  • France

    in July, the month before her trial, Chessy enrolled in a french emersion program in France to reintroduce herself to the language. (191)
  • Trial

    The 8 day trial started, during the trial Chessy was put on the stand for the first 3 days to explain and relive her traumatic assault. (202-239)
  • A Verdict is Delivered and the Trial Ends

    A Verdict is Delivered and the Trial Ends
    after 8 long and hard days the trial was over and a verdicts was delivered. Owen was charged with five of the nine charges against him. He was found guilty on three counts of misdemeanour sexual assault, endangering the welfare of a child, and a federal charge of prohibited use of a computer that carries a lifetime on the sex offenders registry. (239-240)
  • Return to Cat Island

    Return to Cat Island
    Chessy returns to Old Bright Mission Home with her mom, on the second last day of her trip she climbed to a monastery at the top of Mount Alvernia and recognized how far she has come and how much she has gone through since the last time she was there just after her assault. ((286-288)
  • Reclaiming her Identity

    Reclaiming her Identity
    Chessy did an interview with Savannah Guthrie at the Today Show to reveal to the world who she was and to reclaim her control of what people said about her. through the whole trial with Owen and after starting the trial with St.Pauls Chessy decided to publicly reveal who she was to humanize her with everything being said about her. (302-307)
  • Barnard Acceptance

    Barnard Acceptance
    Chessy got her acceptance from Barnard college, a private women liberal arts school and is a part of Columbia College in New York. (342)
  • Graduation Day

    Graduation Day
    After four tumultuous years Chessy graduated from CSN (Community School of Naples) alongside her boyfriend Parker and close friends Paige and Arielle. (368-372)