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  • Building Chernobyl

    Building Chernobyl
    -Construction began in 1977
    -It was finished in 1983 in Ukraine which was still a part of the Soviet Union at the time.
    -In 1983, the four reactors had been completed. Two more reactors were planned to be built in later years.
    -In 1984, secret KGB documents stated there were problems with the plant, some of which specifically stated poor equipment from Yugoslav companies
  • Preparation for Safety Test - 1AM-2PM

    Preparation for Safety Test - 1AM-2PM
    -Power in reactor #4 is reduced to prepare for a safety test
    -Safety test is in regards to if the power failed, would the turbines create enough electricity to keep the coolant pumps going in the 1 minute before the generator kicks in?
    -At 2PM, reactor #4's emergency cooling system is disabled to stop it from interfering with the safety test. This doesn't cause the accident, but makes the impact worse.
  • The Explosion - 1:23:58AM

    The Explosion - 1:23:58AM
  • A Slow Evacuation

    A Slow Evacuation
    -Helicopters dump sand, clay, boron, lead, and dolomite into the core to try to slow radioactive emissions
    -2PM ~115,000 people are evacuated, told they will return in a few days
    -Exclusion zone is set up after which prevents people from returning.
    -5,000 workers stayed to try and keep the plant under control
  • The World Begins To Find Out -- April 28-May 1

    The World Begins To Find Out -- April 28-May 1
  • The OG Sarcophagus

    The OG Sarcophagus
    -Built and designed to limit radioactive contamination of the surrounding area
    -Construction began in May 1896 but was finished in Dec of 86.
    -It locked in 200 tons of radioactive lava called "corium" from the core of the nuclear reactor in the meltdown. It is a combination of nuclear fuel, fission products, and control rods. (400,000 lbs)
    -Uranium & Plutonium are other radioactive atoms that the sarcophagus covered.
  • New Sarcophagus

    New Sarcophagus
    -The old sarcophagus was decaying, so they had to build a new one
    -$2.1 billion dollars were donated by 40 different governments
    -Was not completed until 2019
    -Can contain the radiation for 100 years
  • SoLaR eNeRgyY!!!

    SoLaR eNeRgyY!!!
    -A new solar plant was built near with 3,800 panels
    -Ukraine & German companies worked together to scrape up 1.2 million dollars to build it
    -First time the area has produced power since 2000, because the 3 other nuclear plants in Chernobyl were shut down in 2000.
  • Forest Fires

    Forest Fires
    -They were extinguished within 2 weeks
    -1 Person was arrested for arson
    -30% of the tourist attractions got burnt down
  • Nuclear Cleanup

    Nuclear Cleanup
    -First stage was removal of nuclear fuel to storage facilities in 2013
    -Second stage is final closure + deactivation of reactors in 2022
    -Third stage by 2045 is to maintain reactors until radiation drops to acceptable levels
    -Fourth stage is "dismantle reactors & clearing site to ensure restrictions regulatory controls are lifted to the maximum extent possible"