Chemistry & Scientists

  • 1493

    Paracelsus Von Hohenim

    He had a theory that the world was made of 3 elements Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury.
  • Robert Boyle

    Boyle was known as the Modern chemist, set stage for future element hunters, He discovered what gasses in 1660 which was later publishes in 1662.
  • Big mystery of Fire of London.

    One of the biggest fires in history that took place 1667.No one knew what fire was.
  • Johan H. Becker

    Was a German Chemist who came up with the theory of Phlogiston theory of combustion.
  • Hennig Brandt

    Brandt was delighted searching for gold. He accidentally discovered Phosphorus in an experiment in 1669. Phosphorus was referred to as "night light" because of it's glow.
  • Joseph Priestly

    He discovered brewery gas, carbon dioxide. Invented the first Fizzy drink.
  • 1937 Hindenburg Airship explosion

    There was a disaster in 1937 an Airship explosion happened.