Chem Timeline

  • 1526

    Paracelsus Chemist and Alchemist

    Paracelsus Chemist and Alchemist
    Created an idea that earth was made of three elements, salt, sulfur, and mercury, as the ingredients to make medicines and metals. Most during this era where interested in making gold.
  • Johann Becker (Phlogiston)

    The destructive power of fire phlogiston that causes things to burn and reveal its true form. Helped discover more elements.
  • Hennig Brandt (Phosphorus)

    German Alchemist figuring out how to make gold. He thought urine was the key to make this. Instead found the element Phosphorus to create the discovery of elements. By changing the substances of nature to something useful valuable.
  • Robert Boyle

    Experimented on Phosphorus, created the central ideas of a match. Helped unlocked the mysteries of matter as well.
  • Joseph Black (Gasses)

    Air discovery to finding out there is more than one kind of air. This discovery lead out to the discovery of carbon dioxide. Which changed the states of matter such as gas.
  • Mid 1700s

    Royal Society still investigated the airs. Three known air or gases were known air, hydrogen, and fixed hair (carbon dioxide).
  • Henry Cavendish (Hydrogen)

    Contributed in discovering a new element that was said to be phlogiston which turned out being hydrogen. Lead to finding water is a compound.
  • Joseph Priestly (Discovery of new airs)

    Joseph Priestly (Discovery of new airs)
    Was interested in the science of gasses. He discovered nine new gasses by trying out anything. Inventing carbonation.
  • Daniel Rutherford (Nitrogen)

  • Joseph Prisetly Discovered new air (Oxygen)

    Contributed to discovering oxygen but didn't acknowledge it yet.
  • Antoine Lavoisier(Oxygen)

    Found there is the air oxygen that is safe to breath and failed to mention Priestly's previous discoveries had helped him.
  • Joseph Priestly (dephlogisticated air)

    Continues learning about different findings both Priestly and Lavoisier contributed to finding oxygen
  • Antoine Lavoisier revolutionized matter

    was essential to revolutionizing chemistry. Along with discovery of the law of mass
  • Lavoisier Textbook

    Helped create names to the elements. Lead to challenging people to finding more elements
  • Humphry Davy

    Humphry Davy
    Student who went through many experiments even testing on himself. Contributed to finding many elements majorly contributed to isolating chemicals.
  • Alessandro Volta (electric current)

    Contributed to discovery to better produce electricity. Contributing to more chemistry discovery such as separating water into it's two elements
  • Humphry Davy (Potassium)(Sodium)(chlorine)

    Due to Alessandro findings it lead to Davy following his interests continuing to study electricity. Discovered potassium learning to pull apart things with electricity to discover elements due to the chemical reactions.
  • Barium, Calcium, Magnesium, Strontium

    Discovered by Davy
  • Aluminum, Boron, Iodine, Silicone Lithium

    Scientist around the world took Davys ideas and discovered more elements such as...
  • Humphry Davys Death