• Step 1

    Milk is checked to make sure that there are no antibiotics or other things which could affect the cheese-making process.
  • Step 2

    The milk is then heated for a short period of time to kill any harmful bacteria. (Pasteurisation Process)
  • Step 3

    Special starter Cultures (a form of fermented milk) are then added while the milk is still warm from the heating process (Pasteurisation Process).
  • Step 4

    Rennet is also added to the milk, which quickly turns the milk to curd.
  • Step 5

    The Curd is then cut up into small blocks
  • Step 6

    The small blocks are then heated
  • Step 7

    The Whey is drained off
  • Step 8

    The grains from the drained Whey are allowed to become mated together again to form large slabs of curd
  • Step 9

    The curd is pressed and salt is added to it, this adds flavour an helps to preserve it.
  • Step 10

    The cheese is stored to dry out and ripen.