• Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    The effect the treaty of versailles had on world war 2 was how angry it made the germans, and how desperate it made them want to take revenge of the allies. That caused germany to reform their army and strengthen it. Then they attacked to start the second world war.
  • Economic depression in Germany

    The germans had to pay $30 million in war damages that were blamed on them by the treaty of versailles. Hyperininflation. the germans money was worth very little because they needed to print more money to pay for the damages. The money was devalued.
  • Hitler takes over Germany

    Hitler persuades the German people that he will get all their rights back as an act of dictator ship and because the germans had a bad economy, they belived in him and followed him.
  • Germany Sends Troops to Rhineland

    Germany Sends Troops to Rhineland going against the treaty of versailles. Britain and France do not take any action.
  • Faliure of Appeasment

    France and Britain failed to mantain peace as stop Germany with out getting into war.
  • Germany invades Poland

    Britain and france had an allaince with poland so they would attack germany. Germany refused to back away. Britain and France declared war on germany