By jenaik
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    The Treaty of Versailles was the treaty that made Germany accept full responsibility for World War I, pay $30 billion in war damages, and restricted their army and navy. After this treaty, Germany's economy was terrible because of hyperinflation. Hitler promised to pull Germany out of the ruins that it had become, and so he came to power. If it had not been for the Treaty of Versailles, Germany would not have gone into a depression, and Hitler may not have come to power in the first place.
  • Hitler Comes Into Power

    Hitler Comes Into Power
    Hitler coming into power in Germany is a huge event that led to World War II. If Hitler had never possessed so much power in Germany, he never would have been able to control the country and the army as he did.
  • Appeasement

    Hitler ordered German troops into the Rhineland, an area on the French-German border. Although this went against the Treaty of Versailles, Britain and France did nothing to stop it. Once realizing how much he could get away with without anyone stopping him, Hitler became much more bold in his actions. He continued to invade other countries. If Britain and France had intervened when this event took place, Hitler would never have become so bold as to continuously go against the treaty.
  • Germany Joins With Austria

    Germany Joins With Austria
    The Treaty of Versailles had stated that Germany was not to join forces with Austria. Germany went against this and made a union with Austria (also known as Anschluss). France and Britain did nothing, which just further emphasized what Hitler could get away with without suffering any consequences. This also contributed to Hitler becoming bolder and bolder with his actions, as well as Germany becoming stronger.
  • Nazi-Soviet Pact

    Nazi-Soviet Pact
    The Nazi-Soviet Pact was a pact that Germany made with the Soviet Union to avoid the possibility of a war on two fronts, which would split up the German army. This had happened in World War I, and Hitler was determined not to make the same mistakes. The non-agression pact was an event that led to war because it was a preparation for the war. Without the pact, Hitler may not have entered Germany into war if he felt that there was a strong threat coming from both sides.
  • Germany's Invasion of Poland

    Germany's Invasion of Poland
    Germany invaded Poland, who was an ally of Britain and France. Britain and France intervened, and gave Germany the decision to either withdraw its troops from Poland, or go to war. Germany did not withdraw its troops, and so Britain and France declared war on Germany. If Germany had never invaded Poland, there would have been no reason for Britain and France to declare war on Germany, and World War II would have never begun.