Chasing lincolns killer

By madi.w
  • Maryland

    booth had visited the Bryantown tavernin southern Maryland
  • sky

    there was this ugly gray sky of the morning
  • There was a plan

    Booth and his henchman planned, like highway robbers, to ambush Lincolns carriage at gunpoint on a deserted road as he rode home to the executive mansions
  • assassination was planned

    the assassination was premeditated, planned for march 27, and the confederacy might be involved
  • Capital city of confederate fell

    Richmond, Virginia, capital city of the confederate states of america, fell to union forces
  • Surrendered to union

    Confederate general Robert E. Lee and the army of northern virginia surrendered to uniongeneral grant at appomattox.
  • General Robert E. Lee surrenderd

    Abraham Lincoln appeared at a second floor window of the Executive Mansion, as the white house was know then, to greet a crowd of citizens celebrating General Lee's surrender.
  • torchligh parade

    A torchlight parade of a few thousands people, with bands and banners, assembled on the semicircualar driveway in front te Executive Mansions
  • violent talk

    Lincoln's speech provoked more viloent talk.
  • end of war

    Washington celebrated the end of the war with a grand illumination of the city
  • good friday

    on good friday morning, john wilkes booth was depressed
  • booth

    booth assembled enoh men to accomplish another mission
  • assassination

    Stanton sent a request to the cheif of police in New York CIty, asking him to send his best detectives to assist in the investigation of the assassination
  • Stanton had no idea

    he hada no idea of Booth;s location or destination
  • business

    Thomas Jones appeared to go about his buisness as usual
  • Thomas Jones

    He witnessed the cavalry riding out of town on the news that the assassins had been spotted in another country
  • maryland

    they landed the boat at the mouth of a creek in maryland early in the morning
  • monday

    Dr. Samuel A. Mudd saw soldirs, too
  • the sixteenth New York

    the sixteenth New York Cavalry rode into Port Conway on Tuesday
  • the clock ticked

    the climactic event of the manhunt