Chapter 9: The Jefferson Era

  • Election of 1800: Adams vs. Jefferson

  • Judiciary Act of 1801

    passed at the last minute by Federalists and ensures that the Judicial System is controlled by Federalist Judges when Jefferson is in office
  • Jefferson is inaugurated

  • Marbury v. Madison sets precedent for judicial review

    Judicial Review:
    1. the constitution is the supreme law of the land
    2. when tehre is a conflict between the Constitution and any other law, the Constitution wins
    3. the judicial branch has a duty to uphold the constitution
  • Senate ratifies Louisiana Purchase treaty

    $15 million, doubled size of US
  • Period: to

    Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • Barbury pirates sieze the US warship Philidelphia

  • Zebulon Pike sights Pike Peak

  • The British navy attacks the American ship Chesapeake; congress passes the Embargo Act

  • Harrison defeats the Prophet at Tippecanoe

  • United States declares war on Britain

    known as Mr. Madison's war
  • Perry defeats British navy on Lake Erie

  • Treaty of Ghent

    Did not change any existing borders.
  • Battle of New Orleans

    Jackson was American general. Gruesome battle. Hundreds of British soldiers killed. Helped Jackson win Presidency in 1828.