World war 2 wwii

Chapter 6 Timeline

By darian
  • First Saturday Surprise

    Hitler announces he is rebuilding an army.he said it was purely for defensive purposes. In a speech he sai that "the principal effect of every war is to destroy the flower of a nation."meaning that the purpose of war is to annilate and destroy the enemy.
  • Taking Austria

    Taking Austria
    Hitler summoned th prime minister of Austria to a secret meeting. he then proceeded to make threats to the country of Austria. Theses threats were to be followed if the prime minister didn't agree that Austria was to become apart of great germany
  • Appeasing Hitler

    Prime minister Chamberlain meets with Hitler to defuse the Austria situation. Prime minister eventually gives up to Hitler.Hitler takes over czechoalovakia.
  • Targeting Poland

    Nazis take a group of prisoners from a concentration camp to gleiwitz. prisoners were dressed in Polish army uniforms. SS claimed that poland attacked gleiwitz. Hitler declared war on Poland
  • Conquests in the East

    Poland surrenders to Germany because they were beat. Hans Frank was placedGeneral government ruler of Poland. by the end of 1939 every jewish person had to wear a yellow star to show that they were jewish.
  • Conquests in the West

    In april Nazis conquered Denmark and Norway. Then in early may the took over Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxemburg. And by June 22, France had also Fallen.
  • Future of the Polish children

    Future of the Polish children
    heinrich himmler plotted the future for the polosh children.non german children had to go no higher than completing the fourth grade.the nazis also kidnapped 200,000 polish children and shipped them to germany.
  • Invasion of Russia

    Hitler has ordered an invasion on the country Russia.His goal was to destroy once and for all "Jewush-Bolshevik menace."Four different SS units were sent out on this mission.
  • United States Enters the War

    United States Enters the War
    The Nazis started to reevaluated their war plans. the U.S declared war on Japan also. Japan and Germany were allies and because of that the U.S also declared war on Germany.